back to article Apple sets its sights on video consoles

Established console manufacturers might be quaking in their virtual boots, 'cause Apple has filed documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office that suggest it may be devloping a video games console. Although Apple’s application is very vague, it makes specific reference to various forms of handheld unit, including ones …


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  1. Paul

    anyone remember the Pippin? Didn't think so ;)

    Can't do any worse than their last attempt - the Pippin - a machine that vanished without trace.

  2. Matt Martin

    misleading headline......

    Isn't that a Trademark application rather than a patent.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    Hardcore Apple gaming on my 50" plasma.... I bet Myst will look REALLY amazing.

  4. DZ-Jay

    Re: anyone remember the Pippin? Didn't think so


    You must admit that the management style of the company has substantially changed during the past decade or so, and that the current set of products and technologies (not to mention marketing) offered by Apple during the last few years have actually improved its standing in the industry.

    For this alone I would consider a venture into a new (to them) market a viable proposition.


  5. Chad H.

    @ Paul

    it didnt vanish without a trace... Pc world put it in their 25 worst products of all time list.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ...or it is just a natural extension to the iPod Touch/iPhone

    Seems much more likely to me that it means that the iPhone and iPod Touch are set to become games platforms in addition to their current capabilities.

  7. Dana W

    Yes and No.

    The Pippin was a Bandai product that Apple "Sans Steve" helped with. And pretty much anything from the No Steve years was pathetic.

    Apple without Steve is about as useful as Doc Martins on a Duck.

    I like Apple, but the reason I'm not 100% Apple is it remains to be seen of the company goes back to its useless mid 90's state without his Egoness at the Helm.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Thanks

    Speaking as a game dev...

    I'd really rather they didn't.

    There's enough proprietary crap around without us having to make games for something else, or water down the margins per platform with another bandwagon.

    Apple like to control. I like to see high standards, but not pious wankership.

    Honestly, I roll my eyes when people hail the forthcoming iPhone SDK. Do they really think they're going to allow every man and his dog write a chat or voip app?

    LOL. I'll take a free market thank you.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Damn you; I was sure I was going to be able to bust that one out. *shakes fist*

  10. b166er

    Lemme guess

    iPlay? iPad?

  11. Smitty Werben Jueger Man Jenson
    Jobs Horns

    @lemme guess


    The Nokia nGage has the support of EA behind it and it flopped miserably.

    Hmmm... inGage?

  12. Jach


    If it's anything like the iPhone's engine... I saw someone playing Super Mario Bros. on it with a pathetic framerate. Try to go right, half a second later it goes right...

    The PSP couldn't even make a significant dent in the DS' and Gameboy's sales, what makes Apple think that whatever they can come out with will?

  13. Alex Read
    Jobs Horns

    Ohh great :c(

    Lets hope it is just an application which they'll keep on their own products.

    You had me worried with the console title, I imagined them taking on Nintendo & MS with a console which would force people into only using a console based iTunes rip off to download only Apple games and which forced you to buy your electricity from 1 provider just so your home could run the bloody thing...

  14. Andy Worth


    It'll be called something like the "iGame", cost about double what a PSP costs without improving on the functionality, you'll only be able to buy games that Apple develop themselves, and millions of people suffering from shiny syndrome will buy one regardless?

    Re:No Thanks

    As AC says, there are already plenty of platforms that games are written for (many titles released on multiple platforms) and who really needs another one? Likelihood is that any new game console (or handheld) maker would struggle to get into the market now.

    Then again, people said the same thing about the Xbox when that was first announced, right up until they realised it was actually becoming quite successful.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    maybe if they did a convergence device?

    * music / video server

    * Apple TV

    * Game player

    * wi-fi stuff

    * a number of gaming / productivity HID interface devices?

    * Blu-ray player

    * HDD/SSD

    ....OSX media centre?

    or could just buy PS3? which would be half the price of a comaprable Apple product?

  16. Tim Bates

    For <insert word here> sake!

    OK, we now have Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft doing the "fixed" gaming thing, and Nintendo and Sony doing portable gaming (with Nokia set to give it another go).

    Do we REALLY need another bloody console? Can't we just piss them all off and use PCs of some sort?

  17. W

    Subway / John Lewis / Tesco / B&O

    But is the Xbox succesful? Is it really? As in profitable.

    The Wii is riding high and *profitably* doing its own thing, having carved out new markets. Reliable. Family friendly. Simple. Safe. You know where you stand. But kinda limited in the scope of their offering in the wider scheme of things

    Nintendo = Subway?

    The "XBox adventure" hasn't yet come anywhere close to making a profit for MS but it would seem that it has already shot it's load (chronic customer return rate, the Elite 'ultimate' version as an attempt to compete with the PS3 but offering no advantages, no HD-DVD future to milk). Just as the PS3 is getting into it's stride, growing at a healthy rate and with a Blu-Ray wind behind it. MS's XBox+"Live"+Zune offering is an amorphous bundle that sort-of-does-but-sort-of-doesn't support the now obsolete HD-DVD and touches on and overlaps with all sorts of software offerings ("Windows Live Hotmail", "Live office", "Live Search"). MS offer many tenuously related things at OK prices, but will always be unloveable and have problems with brand image for those very reasons.

    MS = Tesco?

    Love it or loath it, Sony's simple PS3+BluRay+PSP combo is a compelling and attractive straight-up consumer electronics proposition for many. Often wrapped in agreeable product design.

    Sony = John Lewis?

    Coming back to Apple... maybe they will add games to the top level iPod & iPhone's list of functions, but meh. The iPod and iPhone are a sliver of the PMP and phone markets. Am I right in saying that SonyEricsson have sold more Walkman branded phones that Apple have sold iPods and iPhones combined? Apple are doing their thing, and it's their job to milk the high end shiny demographic.

    Apple = A poor man's B&O?

    Shame about the continual insistence on proprietary locked down nonsense from all of these companies. But then that's what some folk (think they) want. And their history of control freakery is what, in-part, has made them iconic. Dell, Toshiba, JVC don't come close in terms of brand caché, do they?

    Disclaimer: I don't own any products from any of the above tech companies (Windows grudgingly excepted), so save the fanboy comebacks.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Oh yes PLEASE

    Please let Apple pump billions into development only for it to be a massive flop, shares plummet and Jobs is thrown out by the shareholders with a vote of no confidence. Maybe then Apple can move away from the whole 'shiny over function' disease it has had for the past few years

  19. system

    Power supply

    So, which battery/electricity supplier will apple chain its iCrap users to?

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @No Thanks

    "I like to see high standards, but not pious wankership."

    Can you get a t-shirt with that on? Made me laugh anyway...

  21. Cavan
    Gates Halo

    is going to bite the flaming troll and troll for flamers from the safety of my office

    @fanboi w

    is that all u can say about the sony offerings?

    Love it or loath it, Sony's simple PS3+BluRay+PSP combo is a compelling and attractive straight-up consumer electronics proposition for many. Often wrapped in agreeable product design.

    Sony = John Lewis?

    blu ray = why the games don't require it; I will however be purchasing it primarily as a blu ray player, now my HD-DVD is soon to be obsolete

    games are expensive; for the same technology as the 360, in some cases the games I have seen on the 360 and ps3 are smoother on the 360

    sony = late why oh why oh why does nothing ever come out on time over here? and why does that time lapse / atlantic divide cost us financially too?

    sony media centre = still not a patch on xbmc

    I don't love xbox, in fact microsoft as a whole; but man am I addicted to those achievement points

    and angelic BG cos of his millions of dollars he gives to those who need it more infinately than he you or I; but please if you do have too much please send some my way; (name and address supplied)

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @power supply

    Now,now, just because you don't like Apple dosen't make it crap. I'm sure they will make a product or app one day that will suit you, like iwan* or ihavenomates or istilllivewithmymum

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