back to article Apple to announce iPhone and iPod Touch price cuts?

Apple is planning to drop the prices of the iPhone and iPod line within the next month or two - perhaps at a rumoured late February announcement - a Mac enthusiast site has climed. Website 9to5Mac received word that the cuts are on their way. The reduction is said to be $100 off the price of models in both the iPod Touch and …


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  1. Lance

    Why wait?

    Why wait when you can buy it now and then complain about the price drop and get a store credit from Apple?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Maybe because there's a little amount of groceries/clothes/gas/diesel at the Apple store?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    pricing space?

    'Speculation suggests that the price drops are in order to make way for "pricing space" for the 3G iPhone'

    nothing to do with it only selling well in the US then, and leaving Apple far short of the numbers they expected,news-27412.html

  4. Greg

    Maybe because...

    precisely because the price cut was more or less announced, and they didn't repeat their previous mistake.

    Last time you got a store credit cos' you could complain.

    Here, how can you complain when you're told in advance that it'll get cheaper soon. If you still buy now, it means you're prepared to pay knowingly, and thus don't need a credit.

  5. fluffels
    Black Helicopters

    not happening

    i have reliable sauce.

    it no happen.

    'pricing space' is balls, they won't reduce a price pending a new product introduction. you arses.

  6. Alex Johnson


    This is one of those "the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning" stories. Of course they'll cut the price and in time, and eventually discontinue the lower capacity model. But, after the fuss in the summer there is no serious chance they will do this in February. I was actually a little surprised they charged more for the 16GB model; I'd imagined they would just bump the 8GB model and leave the price the same. They didn't; they're not going to change their minds over a couple of weeks.

  7. Greg


    There's a 32GB Touch, eh? Hmmm. I'm normally very sceptical of Apple products, but an all-Flash player with a really nice interface would be tempting when my uber-brilliant but sadly unsucceeded iAudio X5L finally dies.

    That said, i still hate iTunes, I love OGGs, and I'm willing to bet I can get higher quality audio out of my player. Let's hope a rival makes one that's cheaper, appears as a flash drive without software, and plays OGGs. I'd buy one in roughly 0.0006 nanoseconds.

  8. Snake Plissken


    "i have reliable sauce"

    Ketchup, presumably.

  9. Scott Mckenzie

    Reliable Sauce

    Reggae Reggae of course!!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From the "no sh1t Sherlock" department

    So Apple will reduce the price of a premium product in the future. You mean like every other product in the world then?

    Of course it will happen - even more so if they're about to introduce a "premium" version of the iPhone (think 3G, and probably with 32Gb flash to match the Touch and further differentiate).

  11. Tom

    Is the iPod like the Big Mac index of consumer electronics?

    I only ask, because it would make a lot of sense to use the iPod: only a few rigidly priced retailers; clockwork price reduction mechanism; Apple take a very stable cut of the RRP/BOM difference. Hmmm...

  12. Mike

    Love the negativity

    Don't buy. Wait for the Osbourne II. It's coming.

    No... wait for the G3 iPhone. It's coming.

    No, the price is dropping.

    Just type it buddy. Please don't buy Apple products right now. I'm short the stock, and need next quarters numbers to look terrible so I can buy my new iPhone.


  13. Lance


    When does a company need to announce a price cut? The proper way is if you have a new product coming out, you drop the price of the old or just discontinue it and bring the new one in at the price point you want.

    Memory prices fall all of the time. If you buy a mirco-SD card and in a few months when it is about half the price when it was when you bought it, do you complain and ask for a credit?

    Technology gets cheaper; always has and always will.

  14. Rob McDougall


    I understand them dropping the price once, and giving store credit - but to do it a second time would seriously undermine consumer confidence, and make everyone think twice about buying any iPhone products in the future.

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