back to article Fermented fish symbiotically pollinate model's hardwood feet

Swedish police are investigating a case of an open can of surströmming which was hurled through the bedroom window of a 52-year-old Motala man. The strong-smelling local delicacy has a deserved reputation as a potent biological terror agent, so the offence is a very serious one. Just as serious as the comments: Had a swedish …


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  1. Tim Blair

    mouldy fish?

    don't know about you but when we're wasted around here we get a curry..... mmmmm!

  2. Lupus


    I wonder what a SurmStorrang... err, Sorrestrung... bah, smelly-fish curry would taste like.

  3. Gerrit Tijhof
    Thumb Up

    How much is the fish?

    Raw, saline herring, or its acidic counterpart: considered a delicacy in the Hollands. for culinary goodness!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Gerrit Tijhof - only for a while

    When it's fresh it's OK, but the moment it's put in a jar to support addicts abroad it ends being a delicacy (if it ever was one, opinions differ).

    Ditto for 'rollmops' (

    It's rather ironic because the whole treatment of salting and pickling was for preservation..

  5. Ishkandar

    @Gerrit Tijhof

    Not to mention soused Herren consuming the soused herring....

    Mine is the oil(ed) slicker with the North Sea proof hood !!

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