back to article Japanese gamers no longer delighted by DS Lite?

Has Nintendo's hugely popular DS Lite had its day? Maybe in Japan, at least, where last week sales of the handheld games console fell below those notched up by its nearest rivals, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PSP. For the week to 2 February, DS sales totalled 67,472 units - a new low in the post-Christmas slump that's hit all the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Time to bring on the new DS extra-lite?

  2. Dan H

    Bit of a mute point though isn't it?

    Well given the fact the DS has sold more than twice the number of PSP's overall in Japan its not much of a victory is it?

    The DS had to hit a saturation point at some point, but even if the PSP outsells the DS for the rest of the year it won't come close to matching its overall sales figures.

  3. Ryan Stewart

    market saturated

    Everyone probably owns one by now.

  4. The Sceptic
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    Wii - almost a great system

    Bought a Wii - love it but the bitter after taste of trying to get an issue resolved by the Nintendo customer support has actually put me off the console.

    So far I have had 5 emails advising they are busy and value me, this is after being advised to contact them online by their phone support 5 weeks ago.

    Haven't bought any games. Machine is now an ornament under my TV.

    I think this is why the Playstation was so good - they had the customer service to back up the product. Wouldn't recommend this now as my experience has quashed the excitement.

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