back to article Prince Opteron unloads on AMD, Intel and the future of memory

Fred Weber had the look of a mad man. There he was at some chip conference in 2002, waving sticks of memory around and talking about a new age of server computing. Weber, then CTO at AMD, planned to unleash 64-bits on the x86 realm. Intel claimed this was a horrible idea. Weber's, er, unwavering - sorry - enthusiasm told a …


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  1. John Stoffel

    Wow, remembering the Encore Multimax...

    Wow, this brings me back. My school brought in an Encore Multimax to reaplce a DEC-20 as the general computer for the school. 20 processors, 64mb of RAM. A real screamer! Cost us $250k at the time.

    I helped move it in and it worked well with a bunch of DECstation 3100s as the front ends, replacing VT100/220s.

    Three years later, we ditched it for $25k... talk about depreciation!

    It was a pretty decent machine, watching compiles fly by with 'make -j 8' was cool.


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