back to article Palm to bring latest Palm OS smartphone to UK

Palm is to bring its Palm OS-based Centro smartphone to Europe, the company announced today. The Centro has a design that largely matches that of the Windows Mobile 6-based Treo 500. It too has a Qwerty microkeyboard, but the Centro is thinner and taller than the more squat Treo. Palm Centro Palm's Centro: coming to the UK …


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  1. Keke

    Centro is 320x320

    not 320x240

  2. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    Not according to Palm, it isn't:

  3. John

    @Reg @Keke

    Well, the graphic at the top of that page says 320x320, even though the text says 240x320. However, it can't be 240x320 because it's square.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    PalmOS Screens

    All current PalmOS devices have at least 320x320 resolution.

  5. Tom Peach


    Clearly says 320x320 in the page you linked to, check the pic

  6. Chris Rimmer

    Inconsistency on Palm web site

    It says 320x320 in the label in the big picture at the top, but 320x240 in the text. From the look of it, I'd say the 320x320 is the right one.

  7. Andy Moore

    Great News

    At last, always liked Palm. and this is just what I have been waiting for to replace my trusty 650.

  8. Ryan Stewart

    its been quite popular here.

    Pushed by Sprint, who has the best (3G) data network here (US).

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