back to article Nasty JavaScript code can zap new iPhone, iPod Touch

Security researchers have discovered you can crash an iPhone through the medium of a cleverly crafted webpage. The exploit, dubbed a "memory exhaustion remote denial of service vulnerability" by the SecurityFocus website, affects Apple's Mobile Safari web browser, a key component of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Code up …


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  1. Andy

    Jailbreak ahoy?

    "It's considered possible that the exploit might also allow miscreants to load and run code on the handset"...

    Here's hoping. Would be useful to have an exploit like this for jailbreaking purposes. The way 1.1.1 was jailbroken involved a tiff exploit, of course - which was then patched as part of the process. Perhaps this will lead to a similarly easy way to get 3rd party apps onto the phone unofficially. Although, it's probably harder - both for well- and ill-intentioned exploitation - now that applications don't run as root.

  2. Simon White

    Has happened to me

    Trying to view a certain mobile phone carriers website. It's a pain, but seemingly no damage to report. Interestingly, the website in question might be one iPhone user look at a lot.

    Of course, being a Jesus phone, it'll probably come back to life after three days.

  3. Ryan Stewart

    I love apple owners

    The first post on here about a flaw in the system is seen as an opportunity. Yay, my system is insecure to the point where a glitch can give someone else access to control and modify from the root!

    I, for some reason, dont see that as a GOOD thing.

  4. Rob

    i love

    I love the way people make statements generalising every owner of any device by a particular

    company based upon ONE of those peoples comments, how bewilderingly small minded

  5. Tom Haczewski

    I love


  6. Ascylto

    @ Simon White

    Why is your icon showing you stealing my iPhone from my coat pocket?

    Are you a secret KoolAid drinker?

  7. Ryan Stewart


    The day I meet one who doesnt fit the mold I will change my views. Hasnt happened yet.

  8. Simon White

    @ Ascylto

    Sincerely, my Dad is called R White. Sadly, he don't make lemonade.

    However, I don't want your overpriced brick, sorry Jesus phone, because I have an iPod Touch - costs less, has the same functionality except for the phone and holds more on it.

    Anyway, I'm returning your iPhone into your coat pocket as I realised it was an overpriced brick.

    I'll get me coat once more...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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