back to article Cisco outlook an investor Chambers of horrors

Cisco posted a decent 2008 fiscal second quarter, yet remains gloomy about its near-term sales forecast in the US and Europe. Revenue increased 16.5 per cent to $9.8bn, compared with $8.4bn year-over-year. Net income climbed 7.2 per cent to $2.1bn, compared with $1.9bn a year ago. Operating income increased to $2.4bn from $2. …


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  1. theotherone
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    "Cisco posted a decent 2008 fiscal second quarter"....Unless, as widely rumored, Cisco has invented a time machine, shouldn't be 2007 fiscal second quarter?

    Gates icon, cause he's a smartass like me....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    unless - not...

    that will be their fiscal 2008 that runs Aug 2007 to Jul 2008. Their second quarter Fiscal 2008 finished at the end Jan, hence this announcement of their figures.

  3. paul doyle
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    financial year

    Cisco's financial year starts in August. That means by end of January 08 they are half way through their financial year.. I hope that clears it up smart @rse.

  4. Alex
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    Pension plan?

    wait for them to drop a bit more, buy up loads of shares in eager anticipation of IP6 and the subsequent Y2K style frenzy of IP6 router upgrading?

    ...nah like that would ever happen?

    and I vote Bill as this is my get rich quike plan (given I squandered my ill gotten Y2K earnings a long time ago!)

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