back to article Parallels makes nice with Red Flag and Ubuntu

Parallels - aka the artist formerly known as SWsoft - will continue its march through China in tandem with Linux maker Red Flag Software. Red Flag and Parallels will offer a bundle tying Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 together with Red Flag Linux Server Version 5.0. This gives Red Flag's customers a direct path to the container …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    now if only i could get the same directx capabilities the mac version has in linux

  2. John Sanders

    Directx performance...

    Decent directx performance in Linux.

    It is too good to ever become true. Too many X11 flaws, Driver flaws, Distro flaws... ya know... Linux variants, Linux greater strength and at the same time its greater weakness.

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  4. Name

    Divergence = Convergence

    The trees of linux distros are _not_ a weakness, that is an understandable misinterpretation. Kubuntu for instance, is one leaf on the tree and it is very close to hitting the moron-installable desktop solution for Linux.

    Its unfortunate that the steaming pile of intenstines we call directx has been forced on the world but the card manufacturers will always hedge their bets and keep OpenGL 2 support (and 3) - they are big too.

    This technology is converging, not diverging, and in spite of Linus T. being WRONG about virtualization (see his recent misguided comments re it at LCA), Linux is soon going to eat the world.

  5. George Johnson

    Direct X

    VMWare 6 does have limited Direct X support, enough to play the $20 download games from places like RealNetworks, Gamehouse,etc, and ti works OK, but nothing to allow you run Bioshock or anything of that ilk.

    Have to agree with Brett, when DX really gets beefed up I will certainly be buying, so I can start playing DarkBasic again.

  6. Rob Beard

    15 day trial

    Why would I want a 15 day trial when I could choose either free VMWare server, free VMWare Player OR the GPL'd free for all version of VirtualBox?!?!?

    Can't say I'm fussed about DirectX capability. I'm generally not a PC gamer, I'd rather pay a fixed cost for a console every couple of years than endlessly upgrade my PC for the latest and greatest game. That's just me though.


  7. Matty
    Thumb Up

    Me too

    I'm in agreement with Rob - I'm currently evaluating VMWare GSX and ESX server. GSX is free, runs on both Windows and Linux, runs both Windows or Linux and I use it at home for that reason. ESX - all 32MB of it - runs both too, the new ESXi will come supplied on an EPROM i presume so no disk space and lightning-fast boot times. It will address shed-loads of memory, multiple processors and runs the host OS faster than on hardware. But I'm no gamer either so I don't give a stuff about directx. I'm just consolidating my servers.

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