back to article Green Grid pollutes environment with more white papers

The Green Grid has been flopping around for about two years and continues to flop. The organization, backed by some of the biggest name vendors in the technology game, held a conference this week in San Francisco to release - you know what's coming - more white papers. How many white papers? Oh, who cares. The Green Grid …


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  1. Herby

    Department of Redundancy department

    Or at least that's how it sounds to me!

    If someone wants "white papers", the local stationary store sells it by the ream (500 sheets).

    Ink/Toner optional.

    Of course if they want it "green", the local hardware store (OSH here) will provide the proper color of pigment (1000's to choose from).

  2. David Moss

    Give the Green Grid some time!!!

    The companies deeply involved in the Green Grid are investing far more than the initiation price you refer to. I participate at the risk to my day job as do all the other contributors to the Green Grid. Our goal is to provide a positive effect on the energy consumption of an industry that provides a huge positive productivity impact to our economy. Gone are the days that a single company can write the rules for an industry. Today, the engineers of our respective companies have to assemble collectively to affect postive changes for the industry, and we assemble in many of these types of consortiums. The real value that the Green Grid will produce hopefully results in industry accepted metrics and procedures in achieving greater energy efficiency. The goal is global and is NOT "top secret". The fact that some of the work is curently limited to member companies is simply to provide value to membership in the effort. Nothing is free. If we rewinded to a time where a single company wrote all the rules, the price of admission would manifest itself in the price of the equipment that company sold. I particpate in other consortiums that publish books that you have to pay for; it's the price of the intellect. The ultimate goal of the Green Grid has to proliferate its value outside its current paying membership because it is aimed at creating valuable metrics and procedures for everyone to use to foster good energy responsibility

  3. Spleen

    The logo

    Does the logo remind anyone else of one of those annoying games of Minesweeper where, after clearing 80% of the board, the placement of the mines forces you to make a guess which inevitably results in you blowing up?

  4. Ken

    Some Pro, Some Con, and an opportunity

    True that one might find the org. underperforming. We're a member, and in some areas I'm very impressed, while in others, there is still opportunity for progress.

    Given that orgs like SVLG, US DOE and US EPA are already moving down-the-road on data center efficiency tools, the real opportunity w/the Green Grid is to innovate completely new (and radically more efficient) technologies rather than get wrapped-around-the-axle on metrics. The membership is an ideal position to do so.

    BTW, much more on this at

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