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The first version of Nokia's gaming platform, the N-Gage, is available to download for the N81, and offers a glimpse of how Nokia envisions us playing games on our mobiles. This is still a trial version of the networked-game platform - formerly only seen in its hardware incarnations the ill-fated N-Gage and N-Gage QD - but it …


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  1. moylan

    what's the point?

    when most of the potential game players will be kids with pay as you go which costs a fortune for data.

    get a cheap pay as you go data system in place first and then get back to me.

  2. JP Strauss

    I remember...

    ...playing Tank Islands (a Worms: Armageddon clone) against people in Russia over a GPRS link as long ago as 2004, The game had a Highscore list and rudementary chatrooms too. The game was playable even on my Motorola v547. Doesn't than count as an online/network game for mobile?

  3. Darren B

    @what's the point?

    Having been an original N-Gager, yes, yes, lets get the laughter out of the way first.

    I used to play Pathway to Glory online and never used up my 1MB/PCM inclusive GPRS usage on my O2 contract. I admit I wasn't on there every hour of every day but I never got near my limit.

    This is casual gaming after all, so I don't expect to see many Call Of Duty type FPS games to come out with Real Time usage, it just won't work on such a small device no matter how good the hardware. Expect more games like Worms and Advance Wars and MMOs like Pocket Kingdom.

  4. Tim

    Re: what's the point?

    Kids pay millions on texting. That's the point. Another market to tap into and money to pay for it, even if it's pocket money (and trust me, kids get a lot these days!).

    With capped rates these days, data could be down to £1 a day.

  5. Skavenger
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    @whats the point?

    You can use your WiFi / WLan! No need to incur data charges now. You can even play in Pubs that have free WiFi!

  6. Mark Lynch
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    don't forget WIFI

    Most of the N-Gage phones have WIFI and definetely all have bluetooth. You download the game via WIFI or via the PC and transfer it to your phone. As for actually playing them then again WIFI is handy. Most places I go these days there's an open hotspot which can be used for free online gaming. Of course, Nokia are gonna make us pay a bit more for these games I reckon... On the plus side it gets the operators out of the equation.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    I dont see why its restricted to one phone?

    Most symbian phones will run ngage games..

    Blizzard app or somthing like that.. not with nokias consent mind! but point is why is it only the one phone???

  8. Darren B


    "Of course, Nokia are gonna make us pay a bit more for these games I reckon"

    AFAIK Nokia plan to charge £5 per app, which I think is very reasonable for a native Symbian app considering some of the high gost of Native applications (yes I know the developers need to cover their costs in a currently niche market). It is defintley competitive with the Java app model that the Networks provide and the quality of application should be better.

  9. Skavenger

    RE: I dont see why its restricted to one phone?

    "Most symbian phones will run ngage games.."

    Wrong most OLD symbian phones will run original NGage games.

    This is a new ngage platform has higher system requirements, its not restricted to one phone either. This is just a "Preview" release. Other phones will be compatiable. Mostly the newer N series phones from N95 onwards. See

  10. Jeff
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    Throw LBS into the gaming mix and you have a whole new realm of possibilities.

  11. Michael

    mobile games

    I do play games now and then on my phone so I guess it wont be a bad thing and the games should be better than most other mobile games avail at the moment.

    One thing why is this being reported now, it has been available on the n81 for some time now aint it?

    I know i have had the demo version on my n95 since before xmas, ok this is not an online version of the software but lets you try some of the games single player.

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