back to article Microsoft fast-forwards Surface launch

Consumer interest in Microsoft’s Surface tabletop touchscreen PC could see a home version of the touchy-feely technology fast tracked, and brought to market ahead of the company’s vague 2011 release date. Surface in Action Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Microsoft exec Steve Ballmer made the …


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  1. Register Reader
    Thumb Down

    Not very ergonomic

    It also forces you to bend over the top of the table if you want to do anything - you can't even slide your legs underneath. Apple's idea of building a webcam into an LCD screen by having sensors next to each pixel is probably a better way of doing something like this. It's a nice idea, but a very poor implementation.

  2. matthew bennion

    RE: Not very ergononic

    I'm not anti Microsoft usually but that's a very good point its not ergonomic in the slightest you have to stretch over a table to do anything! You'll end up doing your back in!

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