back to article M&S flogs lingerie model with 'durable hardwood feet'

We know how much you lot enjoy a good e-commerce website gaffe, so we're obliged to the three readers* who forwarded us this nice example from Marks and Spencer: M&S website showing lingerie model described as living room furniture Well, you can't argue with that. As you can see, the lovely Tribeca boasts "modern curves, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    The zoom

    function is pretty cool on this particular model... :-)

  2. Michael Miller
    Paris Hilton

    I couldn't help myself

    Just ordered one for every room!

  3. system

    strange dimensions

    Apparently she's also 2.2 ft high and 6.5 ft long.

    Coat please.

  4. thomas k.

    Corner ...

    Well ... she _is_ in a corner.

  5. Chris G

    Not sure what the wife will say

    Absolutely what I was looking for , for a bit of heavy domestic use in the lounge. I think a comfortable position in front of the telly would be good so I don't miss my favourite programs whilst I'm indulging in heavy use.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    All of a sudden the Asus Eee lady bores me - from now on The Register should find a way to have this model in as many stories as possible.

    E.g. "eBay bans negative feedback from sellers" could be illustrated with this image because, of course, people sell lingerie on eBay. Stories about Apple could be illustrated with this image because women buy laptops. Stories about the National Programme for NHS IT could be illustrated with this image, because she looks a bit like a nurse.

    A story about taser guns, or electrical weapons, would benefit from this image because, in my neck of the woods, we call M&S "Marks & Sparks". Royal stories = Spencer = Marks & Spencer. And so forth. That covers most of the bases. Paris Hilton = woman = Marks & Spencers lady. You're creative people - create! And enable!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Usually delivered in 6 weeks though!


  8. Matt Bradley

    "All our fabrics have a stain resistant finish."


  9. lglethal Silver badge

    @ System

    Thats the dimensions when you lay the Tribeca down on , for example, a bed - 6.5 ft long and 2.2 ft high... ;)

  10. Ishkandar

    All well and good...

    ....but will the (cushion) covers come off easily; for cleaning, I hasten to add ?? I must visit M&S more often now.

    Mine's that old "flasher" mac..

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Disappointing limitation

    "* Available with fixed covers only"

  12. Anonymous Coward

    It's practical too...

    "All our fabrics have a stain resistant finish."

  13. sean
    Thumb Up

    well now

    if she was in my house dressed like that, i'd be the one with durable wood


  14. tardigrade
    Thumb Up

    "durable hardwood feet"

    - what more could you want in a Woman. I'll have two.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can't quite make up my mind...

    ...whether M&S have made a giant cock-up, or a big boob

  16. Joey Y
    Black Helicopters

    If you do zoom...

    As AC suggested above, I tried the zoom function... After the zoom pics loaded, I noticed on the right, there is an option to "First, select a color." The only choice is brown, though.

    Subtle racism, or forcing tolerance on the M&S crowd?

  17. eddiewrenn


    I think I'll call her Becky

  18. Les Matthew
    Thumb Up

    "hardwood feet"

    A nice pair of feet for sure.

  19. Dick
    Paris Hilton

    "All our fabrics have a stain resistant finish."

    I guess Monica Lewinsky didn't get that blue dress at M&S.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Seems to be selling well...

    Folks above complaining about 6 weeks delivery time are the lucky ones - it's now showing "out of stock" with no delivery estimate at all !

  21. Bruce Walker

    a cushion short

    Product details state, "Includes 3 scatter cushions" ... I only see two.

  22. Iain Gilbert

    Oh dear

    Here it comes

    I wouldn't mind rummaging in her draws!

    Sorry - I'll get my coat.

  23. Frank Bough


    I've never heard it called 'sniggering' before.

    What a beautiful creature, NSFW indeed! I need a picture like that to make it through the work day.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The page is down but here's the google cache address

    I love google

  25. P. Lee

    re: hardwood feet

    Made from Cherry, of the 2000 vintage?

  26. Bob Gulien

    Isn't this a bit like pimping?

    We will contact you personally to arrange a delivery date, once your order is ready

  27. Mark Aggleton

    Oxo tower again?

    Looking atthe google cache the only colour available is Fudge.

    Coat please.

  28. TeeCee Gold badge

    Bloody advertising blurb.

    Never tells you the important stuff. "sits perfectly in the contemporary living room" is all very interesting I'm sure, but does it lie down easily in the bedroom? I wouldn't buy one without knowing this.

  29. Mr Larrington

    Hardwood feet...

    ...are, I trust, not bloody freezing when she gets into bed.

  30. Alex

    careful now...

    just look at what happened to sir paul!!!!

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Hardwood feet?

    Not too keen on two hardwood feet. I might see if the is anything in the McCartney range.

    mmmm Paris

  32. graham crocker

    M & S Must be Reg. Readers

    Wooden feet maybe, but not feet of clay. Page seems to have been corrected already.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    comes with Hardwood feet is a typo

    It should read comes with a foot of hard wood!

    Sorry, sorry I'll get my coat.

  34. AJ

    One for the Paul?

    Apparently Paul McCartney is on the look out for a new model with hardwood feet although I reckon it’ll end up costing him more than the initial price of £1,079 by the time he gets bored with it.

  35. Feargal Reilly
    Black Helicopters

    M&S Food to introduce new product range

    In related news Marks and Spencer today announced it's new Soylent Green food range. Spokesman Louis Hill said that the Soylent Green brand guarantees a more sustainable approach to food production, meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

    "Just as our latest home furnishing ranges have shown we are at the cutting edge of modern furniture design, we feel Soylent Green shows we are also at the cutting edge of the Green movement", he said.

    Recent controversies over the sourcing of chickens have led to lower sales, with consumer groups calling for a greener approach to food production. "Our logo has been green coloured for years", Mr. Hill added.

  36. jim



    45% viscose, 37% polyester and 18% cotton

    Could cause me a bit of static with continual rubbing.

    Do they do it in pure 100% cotton?

  37. Ishkandar
    Paris Hilton

    And for a bit of variety...

    ...there's Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow. Also, if you have the lolly, some apartments come with "furniture" as depicted in the advertisement above !!

    Note: Mr. Harry Harrison will be demanding royalties for the use of his novella, "Make room, make room" and the concepts therein !!

    PH as part of the furnishing !!

  38. Josh

    RE:M&S Food to introduce new product range

    Everytime I hear/read "Soylent Green" my mind instantly associates with baby feces.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Bruce Walker

    The third cushion is in the back.

  40. Jacob Reid

    Page not found

    Seems they removed it now.

    Did anyone order one?

  41. Anonymous Coward

    I'm begining to think

    you get all your Odds and Sods Articles off the B3TA link page.

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    At least I'm not the only one.

  43. Ishkandar


    That's probably because that's what you were making when the film first came out !!

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