back to article Is Verizon gaming Google in US wireless auction?

In the battle for the so-called 700-MHz band - a lip-smackingly juicy slice of the US wireless spectrum - somebody just pulled a fast one. And you can bet it was Verizon, yanking the rug out from under Google and a crazed Eric Schmidt. As the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auctions off the 700-MHz band - a five- …


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  1. Morely Dotes

    One minor point

    "world's most obnoxious telco"

    I'd disagree on that point. AT&T has done far more to annoy me than Verizon ever has (and Verizon nearly destroyed my business, so I certainly have no reason to love them).

    Otherwise, insofar as I can follow the Byzantine twists and turns of the bidding process, a good article.

  2. Herby

    "Can you hear me now?"

    Good, now go away.....

    Reference is to a silly Verizon TV(us) ad with an 1D10T who keeps asking the question. He is supposed to be some sort of engineer/technician. Of course will they publish accurate coverage maps?? NO!!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Whoever wins has to pay

    it's all going to be a huge outlay of cash first to win c block and then to capitalize on it Verizon I don't think has the money to do both we'll see. Still if Google does have the ready they might as well go ahead and buy Verizon.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Less speculation please

    "Chances are, it was Google ... "

    "And you can bet it was .... "

    This report reads like a review of a pantomime. It is assumed the reader knows who the pantomime villian is, who the hero is, and where to boo and hiss.

    "With this in mind, we're betting Verizon ... "

    I trust neither Google nor Verizon. Each has its motives. But I would appreciate some less speculative reporting.

    "Still with us?"


  5. Jon

    uh oh

    I remember back in the days where you were forced to earn customers with innovative products and faster service simply because if you weren't on top of the ball game, your customers would go somewhere else.

    That whole innovation bit kinda cuts into profits though so thank god for locked applications, 4 year contracts, carrier locked phones, and locked networks. It's much easier to keep customers if you force them to stay... Competition in a free market sucks!

  6. Lance


    In around 2000, Verizon Wireless did some layoffs and in some areas, the people that tested the network were laid off. I found it funny they use “Test Guy” showing they test their network when in some areas they fired those people. Most companies use a 3rd party as one company can test the coverage for all operators at the same time. Of course those people wouldn’t be employees like VZW makes it look like.

    I think it is time they find a new ad campaign; the current one is too long in the tooth.

  7. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    I'd LOVE less speculation. But, the bidding is secret so without speculation there is simply nothing to write about... and the speculation is well-informed and reasonable given what I know about those companies.

    I'm with Morely btw... VZW's service is too expensive. But, AT&T's service is too, and AT&T is pure evil.

    As for cash to buy C block and use it.. well, it's certainly really expensive, but VZW is spending $6 billion/year on their network presently.. (split between further EVDO buildouts, building out new service, maintaining/repairing existing sites, and adding 1X channels in areas that are approaching capacity... I don't know if the $6 billion includes buying out carriers, since they've spent a billion or two in the last year buying a few of them..)

  8. T. Harrell
    Dead Vulture

    *Boo* *Hiss* Wha?

    I'm at a severe loss as to the many implications the Reg is making in the running commentary here. Why exactly is Verizon evil again? Of all the telcos, I would choose Verizon. I would be extremely hesitant to move to an area where Verizon wasn't the local telco. Remember, kids, Verizon championed Fios. Verizon is shouting that they will provide the high connect speeds for killer apps such as streaming video. Verizon doesn't secretly cap your bandwidth and try to block your applications. Is AT&T that benevolent? Is any other telco?! Yes Verizon refused to unbundle DSL, but then, they weren't required to (damn govt), and it was a natural and obvious business decision.

    As for cellular service, there really are only two choices if you want good network coverage (IMHO, YMMV), Cingular and Verizon. In my native Florida, the alternatives suck. I have Cingular because it was slightly cheaper, but I must admit, my friends on the slightly more expensive Verizon have better coverage. They have a good product and they charge a premium for it.. So why are they evil?!

  9. Paul M.
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    My point exactly.

    If Verizon added a nationwide 700Mhz band this would directly benefit 50m subscribers, who could have access to great coverage indoors and in poor terrain. The US gets a world-class cellular network, maybe for the first time. And it would indirectly benefit 300m people by forcing the competition to improve their networks and/or tariff - because even dumb pigopolist telcos know when they're getting their butts kicked. So the market wins.

    This is why it's such valuable spectrum, and why the bidder wants to pay so much. This is also $20+m off the federal tax take, or cutting the national deficit. Another win-win.

    Now what, exactly, is EVIL about all that?

    Oh I forgot. Google says it Does No Evil, so anyone who opposes Google, ergo, Must Be Evil.

    Journalists like things in black and white. And pandering to the "Save The Internet" morons.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Accusing the reg of being overspeculative?

    Let's not exaggerate here:D Who else gives you science, tech and intelligent news?

    Hype without speculation could make an interesting subject on the other hand...

    PH because it's the "in-thing"!

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