back to article Sun aims for '09 with Rock boxes

Servers based on Sun Microsystems' Rock processor will now arrive in the second half of 2009, The Register can confirm. Last Dec., we reported on speculation that Rock had suffered a delay, shifting to 2009 from its late 2008 original delivery forecast. Now one of Sun's top engineers Marc Tremblay has confirmed the "second …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Anyone asked FSC for a comment?

    After all, they do still make Itanium servers....

  2. Danger Mouse

    @Anyone asked FSC for a comment?

    No, but the man from Del Monte', he say "YES!"

    <hangs head in shame>

  3. Kevin Hutchinson
    Thumb Down

    Any news about Sun/Fujitsu Sparc64 VII?

    Maybe the Sparc64 VII can compete with the new Itaniums? It's got twice the cores/threads of the Sparc64 VI. Hope it's not so late!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Rock will likely be cancelled once they get back the 2nd taped chip

    Expect Sun to extend the Fujitsu contract past 2008 and they will rely on Niagara III for their volume sales.

  5. Name

    "680 Gb/s" or "680 GB/s" ?

    It is uncommon to described memory throughput in Gbit/s instead of GByte/s. I think you made the classic mistake of confusing b (bit) with B (byte).

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    @"680 Gb/s" or "680 GB/s" ?


    A Classic Feed and/or Speed nonetheless. Very Impressive in both Derivative Takes on Potential Performance.

    And ever the Optimist will Realise that it will be SuperSeeded to Spawn a Better Beta for Alpha Systems and Deep Dive/HydraDrive Greater Knowledge Search......... as will Competing SMART Processors. Information for IntelAIgent Output to Global Operating Devices ...I/IO ..... Beta Quantum BIOS.

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