back to article Intel makes MacBook Air processor available to all

The reduced-size 65nm Core 2 Duo designed by Intel and incorporated inside Apple's super-slim MacBook Air is available for other computer makers to buy, the chip company confirmed last week. No great surprise there - Intel's in the business of selling as many chips as possible, not operating as Apple's in-house silicon …


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  1. Nick

    skinny laptop needs skinny os ...

    ... and they'll be attempting to shoehorn Vista onto them

  2. Raymond Wilson

    Re: skinny laptop needs skinny os ..

    @ Nick,

    Very true indeed, but how about a skinny pricetag to match too?

    MacOS is a little thinner than Windoze but the Apple pricing is certainly bloated!

  3. CrackedButter
    Gates Halo

    @ Nick

    Now thats a shame... really. I think it will further highlight how cappy the OS is.

  4. Scott Mckenzie

    Good as the R500 is...'s about as capable as multi tasking as the average woman is of comprehending the off side rule. The spec is great on paper, well everything except the ULV processor, but it's the processor that lets it down...even running XP it is not capable of doing much beyond Outlook and a couple of spreadsheets - which is exactly what is' designed for, whereas the Air is similarly sized, albeit a chunk more pricey and devoid of some standard features (though i agree with Apple and many others that it's not necessarily bad as they have solutions to all the common issues) but importantly the Air is powerful, it can genuinely do most tasks, i.e. Photoshop etc

    Many seem to miss the point in slating the Air, it's a mobile PC that just so happens to be powerful enough to do the work that laptop users want - i want a lightweight machine but given my job role i also need a machine capable of hard work, the R500 is useless in that respect, the Air is not.

    If you don't spec the SSD hard disc either (which i know is desirable) then i don't think the price is bad either.... but then again most seem to want the moon on the stick, with Uranus thrown in for free these days.

  5. Jim
    Dead Vulture

    Re: Price bloat

    "MacOS is a little thinner than Windoze but the Apple pricing is certainly bloated!"

    Just out of interest, what planet do you live on? Ever thought of making a comparison before spouting off? To save you the bother, here is one I did earlier.

    Leopard/OS X (+ iLife08) - $200 (I'll ignore the family, 5 license, offer at $267)

    Vista Ultimate - $355 ($232 upgrade)

    So what is more bloated again?

    Now if you mean hardware then I'll agree that Apple stuff comes in *slightly* higher (like for like) than an MS powered effort but the Air is a 'must have' product so early adopters are dumb enough to pay the inflated price.

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