back to article SanDisk prices up 32GB SDHC memory card

SanDisk yesterday dealt its most capacious SD memory card yet: a 32GB SDHC that it expects to see on store shelves in April priced at $350 (£176/€235). That's more than the cost of the Eee PC we thought we might put one of these cards into... SanDisk 32GB Ultra II SDHC SanDisk's 32GB Ultra II SDHC: capacious but costly …


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  1. Tim Spence

    32GB still best value

    The 32GB card may be expensive, but is still the best value per GB.

    32GB = £5.50/GB

    16GB = £5.63/GB

  2. eddiewrenn
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    Not that I want one of these bad boys in particular, but I'm hoping this will spur Sony to hurry up with their bigger-capacity m2 cards - or at least hopefully when I get the K850i camera-phone's successor, 32gb (or 16gb) cards are wallet-friendly, sub-£50 prices.

    So as it stands, way overpriced and it's been a long wait, but hopefully a boot up the memory card's market.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Free with Cornflake packets by Christmas then :-)


  4. Frank Bough

    If it can do 15MB/sec...

    ..then why is it only rated as an SDHC Class 4? There's obviously something about the SDHC class system that I'm not getting yet.

  5. Justin
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    Doesn't explain over inflated SSD HD prices

    If these things RRP at around £180, why are 64GB SSD HDU selling for £600 -£800 i.e. 3-4 times the price. I realize there are differences in the technologies however are they 3-4 times more expensive to produce?

    PH angle, because she's also a bit overpriced and overrated.

  6. Adam Potts
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    @If it can do 15MB/sec...

    Class system is a minimum expected read/write speed of (for example class 4) 4MB/s (on an empty card no-less) whereas the 15MB/s they'vve mentioned in the article is a maximum


  7. Gil

    Maximum writes?

    Are these still fairly fragile in terms of maximum read/writes? I can see the appeal of using one as swap partition, but how long would it take to die under such durress?

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Cool! I'm hoping this will herald the arrival of a micro version for my TyTN II :-D

  9. Ryan Stewart



    The basic SSD drives are at least twice as fast while the ones from Mtron and the likes are almost 5 times as fast as this card.

    The sandisk 1.8" 64gb one says it maxes out at 67mB/s.

  10. fluffy

    This should go into a subnotebook

    Two of these in a RAID-0 configuration would be much cheaper (and smaller, and perhaps lighter) than a 64GB SSD. How long before someone hacks an Eee or MacBook Air with this kit?

  11. Ryan Stewart

    it would still be very slow.

    Think about it, this thing runs at minimum 4MB and at MAX 15. That is really slow (about the same as the max of a USB thumb drive in USB).

    It would make the performance sooo poor. Sure its reliable, but at what cost?

    I think I will just wait till the very fast ones come down in price.

  12. Maryland, USA

    "32GB the best value" = fuzzy math

    Tim Spence wrote: "The 32GB card may be expensive, but is still the best value per GB."

    32GB = £5.50/GB

    16GB = £5.63/GB

    Here in the U.S. colonies, we can buy an A-DATA Class 6 16GB card from for $65. That's £33, or about £2.06/GB.

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