back to article Japanese geek trio blow up mice

For the traveller, a mouse's bulk makes it a difficult peripheral to pack. Now some Japanese designers have come up with a flat-pack design. Jellyclick_mouse The Jellyclick mouse: just a load of hot air? The trio’s Jellyclick mouse is inflatable and... er... that’s about it. It can be rolled or folded to sit inside your …


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  1. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    Not Live Ones Then

    Due to clearing up after the cat this morning, my mind was on live mice rather than the computer variety. At least the cat leaves a relatively tidy pile of entrails, blowing one up would spread the mess over a much wider area.

    Does Paris like mice?

  2. Paul Buxton

    It's an outrage!

    I dunno, the Japanese killing whales for scientific purposes and then exploding mice all over the place. When will these barbarians stop!

    </righteously indignant and uninformed rant>

  3. moylan

    one tiny problem

    the bottom of my bag and it's pockets were all equipment falls has crumbs, dust, bits of paper that accumulate within hours of a weekly cleanout. the valve could end up pretty icky with human saliva to stick to. i don't think my bag is unique in this respect as a good number of the laptop bags i see are fairly similar.

    so you'd need a seperate bag for the mouse.

    but still a bloody clever idea.

  4. Matt

    Mr Python

    I was thinking along the lines of real mice and then thought of the Python sketch where he use the mice in a Xylophone.

    As for the first poster. My cats tend to play with the mice a bit first, which mostly leads to it's death. They will continue playing with it after it's died or even play with one another cat has killed.

  5. Eddie Fan

    It's not Japanese

    It's Korean

    Mine's the Chinese coat that looks like the Japanese coat that looks like the Korean coat...

  6. David Grant
    Paris Hilton

    They are Korean geeks, not Japanese!

    Did Paris write this article? These geeks are Koreans not Japanese. Real Japanese geeks blow up real mice!

  7. jai

    re: Not Live Ones Then

    >Does Paris like mice?

    in the same way that Richard Gere does? (allegedly)

  8. Raymond Wilson

    There she blows

    Perhaps they could design inflatable whales too, that way the Japanese could harpoon them by the dozen for "scientific research"

    I'm tempted to forward this article to Greenpeace, as they protect all species, from mice to whales, or am I blowing this out of proportion?

  9. Simon B


    Gutted!! I was expecting some experiment on mice, literally BLOWING them to bits!

  10. paul clarke

    Where is the blood?

    I was hoping for a blood and gore fest from the title!!

    Can I have a shiny new rock laptop as compensation?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    glove-mouse idea interesting?


    also google "nintendo power glove mouse"


  12. Dave


    Our cat likes to play with mice, she brings them into the shower cubicle in warmer months because they can't escape up the slippery sides (I've watched before now). Plenty of half-eaten ones outside at the moment though, saves on buying catfood. I've yet to see her blow one up though, alive or dead. The computer mouse just gets sat on, usually while I've got my hand on it, which makes using the PC a trifle difficult. Anyway, an inflatable one would probably get punctured by a claw.

  13. Martin Huizing

    First? I hope so. It is printed so I keep the rights to:

    The fingermouse! You slide a cap over your finger with a usb connection to the computer and voila!

    Spell-check didn't find this word in the dictionary so it must be new!

    $400 fine for anyone using 'fingermouse' in any form! It is still concept but I am sure I can provide a viable version in the near future.

    Ah, yes Charlie. Mine is the one with the dead-mouse smell and no, you can't smell my finger!

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Martin - you're way to late

    By about 25 years....

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