back to article Dell's tightened belt garottes Canada

Dell is closing its call center in Edmonton, Canada this spring, after less than four years of operation. The move is expected to put more than 900 people out of work. The closure follows news of an unspecified number of job cuts at Dell's Ottawa call center. Dell also scrapped plans to open a second facility in Ottawa, which …


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  1. Edwin

    Headline award for

    ...most blatant mixed metaphore in a headline for 2008

    (and the year's only just begun)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    collateral ubuntu damage ???

    Could the Vista & ubuntu moves explain why Dell is going down the pooper. Bought a couple of PCs with Vista installed rather than the XP version I specifically asked for ... with the tech/sales support unable to answer some basic questions as "If I return the Vista medium can I get XP instead?" because many of my apps aren't running because of the new kernel modes (the Win200 compatibility mode did not help).

    I guess people like me will end up buying white/beige boxes for enterprise use because the no support is not "badder" than useless support being paid for.

  3. JP
    Thumb Up

    At least the word was used correctly!

    Well done on the correct usage of "decimate"!

  4. Senor Beavis

    belt garrottes Canada

    That implies Canada's head was just above the height of Dell's waist, and in close proximity. Yikes - that's a mental image too far for me

  5. Sam Millner


    Amen to that brother

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