back to article Russian FSB 'protecting' Storm Worm gang

The creators of the Storm Worm botnet are known to US authorities but a lack of co-operation from their counterparts in St. Petersburg, Russia, is preventing action being taken. St. Petersburg was the centre of the infamous Russian Business Network. It's also reckoned by some to be the city the Storm Worm (more properly Trojan …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    keyword pattern

    Indeed, they are hiding in Putin’s apartment!

    What a load of boolox! Really! Next, you shall report that Putin is getting a cut from the vixers, a brown envelope every Friday...

    A certain “keyword pattern” is developing. “Putin, FSB, Bad, Corrupt, Mafia, Evil”

    Far more likely: the FSB does not care....

  2. Senor Beavis

    Location of author(s)

    Easy - they're in that secret underground bunker in Severnaya, as clearly explained by that '90s documentary "Goldeneye". One of the chaps' names is Boris. Hope that helps.

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Russian FSB to "protect" Uncle Sam?

    "..reckons that the Storm Worm gang is a multinational effort based in Russia."

    That was an enlightening tale. Here you can read of its Yin counterparts in the US although everyone is studiously avoiding calling them a gang of thieves or failed business brains.....

    How very accomodating one can be whenever major Systems are exposed as dodgy and how very bizarre that there is so very little being done to change them. That would suggest that there are even more catastrophes in the pipeline with everyone trying to pass the buck.

    I wonder where it will stop before someone cries enough is enough, let's fix it and fix it properly....... Boldly Go into New Territory where everyone is a newbie and Intelligence Rules rather than dirty Money and the Real Thing.... Idiots on Dope Dealing in False Hope, which is the Markets Collapse in a Sound Byte, is it not? And let's not get started on Junk Bonds either, to try an rescue them. That would be to treat everyone as a fool.

  4. Mark W

    Either I'm as crazy as amanfromMars...

    ...or his last post actually made a little sense...


  5. Hate2Register

    @Anonymous Coward

    It's pretty obvious the FSB "does not care". So no points for saying it. But, as someone said, if good people don't take a stand, then they are not good. Litvinenko was a member of the FSB, and look what happened to him.

    If the Storm Worm thingy is allowed by the FSB/government/Putin (however you like to label things), then it amounts to state-sponsored malware, something you don't seem to care about.

  6. MalcyMalc

    Either I'm as crazy as amanfromMars...

    No I think you right as well.

    Welcome back to Reality Graham.

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Mk Ultra Zigzag Programming........ for Venus's Majic Spell and Enlightened Touch

    IT Feels Good in Sanity, Mark?

    If it only made a little sense, I'll try harder the next time. :-)

    I wouldn't dream of suggesting it made complete Perfect Sense for that would imply that you are not trying hard enough, although I couldn't possibly agree that it is nonsense.

  8. James Anderson Silver badge

    Time for the "CYBER CURTAIN"

    As realtions with Russia are at an all time low anyway maybe we should just block all thier IP addresses until they promise to behave.

    Its probably best to wait for spring to arrive in case they cut of all the Gas supplies in retaliation.

  9. Guy

    It's definitely catching

    I understood both of amanfromMars's comments, or maybe it was just that cheese I found under the refrigerator

  10. Anonymous Coward


    AMFM slipped something in my drink last night! Or I'm still drunk, because his comment made sense!

  11. Anonymous Coward


    The mARs Man makes only sense of IT when kidS wITh toys make a lot of NOiSE.

  12. Morely Dotes
    Black Helicopters

    @ Mark W

    MAFM made sense today. Completey, or at least 87%.

    I'm having myself committed.

  13. Bounty

    ok then translate this

    "Mk Ultra Zigzag Programming........ for Venus's Majic Spell and Enlightened Touch "

    To those who understood that... (not I)

    My seven WighT in paNts spEAKer long chickENS!


  14. Dimitrov


    So "you" have the license of being the "good people" while them godless commie russkies are the "bad people" by default, huh?

  15. b shubin

    Straw man du jour

    yep, Muslims and immigrants are so last week, let's blame the Russians. as Chris Rock said, "that train is never late!"

    love that stuff, makes it so much easier to blame and hate the "right" people. i wonder if the Jews and blacks are next, will have to check the list, can't remember the correct order just now...

    considering the problems Russia is dealing with at the moment (organized crime, massive corruption, poverty, disease, unrest in many countries along the southern border, NATO expansion in the periphery, fallout from US foreign policy in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and many many more), in addition to managing the largest country in the world (square mileage), i would guess that finding the Storm Trojan authors is pretty low on the list, and protecting them is even lower. if Storm is a problem in the West, so what? the FSB has more important (and far more urgent) things to worry about.

    i'd like to see what proof they have, that the FSB would really waste time dealing with these guys at all.

    and the thought of blocking communications is just silly, you really don't know how TCP/IP and routing works, do you? besides, all the Western companies (especially many of the banks) that have outsourced development to Russia (the quality of the work is better than what they get from India) will want a word with you about your great idea...

  16. triky

    agreed with shubin

    Especially considering the US is still the number one ejaculator of malware into the not-so-virgin-come-cheap-ho that is the internet today. i blame yankee military (that's right arpanet, i blame you creeper).

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