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What you really get on those Microsoft, Novell and Cisco courses... Monk tech support Copyright © Jason Slater. Originally published at Monk and his IT junk. monk head


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  1. Josh
    Thumb Up

    Could it be?

    Is that an albino Mickey Mouse in the front row?

  2. kain preacher


    looks more like one of those dildo rails needs to be cleaned

  3. sauerkraut
    IT Angle

    hello, it

    have you tried turning it off and on again?

    are you sure it's really plugged in?

    ... have you tried sticking it up your arse?

  4. Andy Worth


    Did anyone find this funny? My mum might, or the people who think that's all is involved in fixing a server (those damned Navy adverts don't help either...) but surely this cartoon is aimed at non-tech people?

  5. dervheid

    Oh dear...

    that'll be the cat out of the bag for the IT crowd then!!

    If that fails however, just sit in front of your (dead) equipment, and chant "OMMMMM!"

  6. Ash


    xkcd is better.

  7. Paul M.

    Yes, and the joke is...?

    I hope El Reg didn't pay for this

  8. randomtask

    Stop the madness...

    ... you sir are like a more scary version of the masked magician! Don't you realise that the average pleb in an office could possibly end up seeing that page and never need IT support ever again!?!?!?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    I don't have to do that any more!

    After the upgrade where I removed all the computers, and left an empty cardboard box on it's side with a light bulb in place of the monitor. Now I only have to go around changing the light bulbs every 10,000 hours so nobody phones up to complain their computer isn't working. (well I would if I could be bothered)

  10. Brian Walshe
    Thumb Down


    Did you get that joke from a left-over Christmas cracker?

  11. A J Stiles

    On The Other Hand

    I think the idea that "turning it off and on again will make it alright" is exclusively a Windows phenomenon.

    As IT support in an all-Linux shop, I've had my fair share of people coming up to me and saying stuff like "I've rebooted it four times and it's still doing it!"

    Well, of course it's still bloody doing it! If all you've done is turn the power off and on, as opposed to fix whatever caused the problem in the first place, it hasn't gone away; so clearly the problem is not going to go away! In fact, you could be making things worse by just turning the power off without a proper clean shutdown.

    It's like people who keep resetting a circuit breaker and watching it trip. Yes, it will, it's *supposed* to do that; because there must have been an overload or short-circuit for it to trip in the first place, and chances are whatever caused that is still connected.

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