back to article Is this the world's most expensive desktop PC?

Have you got £375,000 to spare? Do you love standing out from the crowd? Well, you’ll be the King, or Queen, of hi-tech nerd bling with one Japanese manufacturer’s platinum and jewel-encrusted PC. Zeus_pc Zeus' platinum PC: yes, but where the heck's the optical drive? Dubbed Jupiter, the desktop PC’s case is solid platinum …


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  1. David S


    Can't believe there isn't the Linux option...

  2. Tom
    Thumb Down

    Nice try

    If only they didn't look shit.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    1920x1200 monitors

    Um... I commend you for linking to one of only two (AFAIK) currently-available LCD monitors on the planet with WUXGA resolution which *aren't* 24" (although it looks like the CG221 is about to be replaced). Since I like my pixels small and my desk space existing, I'm a fan of the L220x, but it looks like the real monitor is an Eizo S2400W - which looks like a high end panel, but nothing exceptional - which could also be said of the rest of the system.

    I hope, at least, that the case is acting as a passive cooling unit, and that it's completely silent? Otherwise, you'd think they'd have thrown in some higher-end components. Otherwise it looks like a £374,000 box with a £1000 middle-end PC (and low end graphics card) thrown in. You'd think it would be worth installing some high-end components just so they don't have to explain to the buyer why it just got its posterior handed to it by the purchaser's previous PC. Where are the kryo-cooling units when you need them?

    But then the chances of someone buying this knowing anything about computers seem small.

  4. Simon Greenwood

    It doesn't need an optical drive

    Steve said so.

  5. Morely Dotes
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    Not impressed

    Only 2GB RAM on a PC that expensive? It's all for show, then. Clearly, it's not intended to be sold to anyone who knows anything about PCs (the Vista OS is another giveaway).

  6. J
    Paris Hilton


    Did it need to be SO ugly? Yuck...

  7. Chris
    Paris Hilton


    Here I am clicking, thinking "Wow! Maybe this will have 16 cores and 64gb of RAM with 1gb L2 cache" etc etc.. nope, it's a a crap spec system that is enclosed with diamonds. Big f'ing deal.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Or you could pay 5,000 GBP

    and buy an alienware computer which looks good and has every bell and whistle on the inside that you could possibly want.

  9. Steve VanSlyck


    TWO WHOLE GIG of memory?! Wow. They have spared NO expense!

  10. Bronek Kozicki

    Only 2GB?

    not for me, I need more RAM.

  11. sam

    overclock potential detected!

    How thick is the gold?!?!?!

    If its really thin this could be THE ultimate overclocker PC.

    Gold has even better properties than copper.

    Its probably thick though for bling cred

  12. Inspector_Morse

    And your homework today is

    Compare and contrast this statement (extracted from the story you have just read):

    "The PC runs on Windows Vista, Ultimate edition of course"

    with this earlier El Reg posting:

    Submit your essay on the back of a MacDonalds napkin and gain points towards your MacDegree. You may even get an Hons double-whopper.

    All entries should be sent to:

    The First Lord of the Treasury, London.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Gold has worse thermal and electric properties than copper

    Contrary to popular perceptions, copper has better thermal conductivity than gold and is only slightly behind first placed silver.The reason gold plating is used in connectors is that it doesn't get dull like copper or silver when in contact with air.

  14. john doe

    look @@

    I took a dump and stuck a stick of RAM on it. On sale for $500K

  15. Luiz Abdala


    It is the most expensive stupid-wise, not spec-wise. Too bad that wasn´t clear. I thought it was the next Cray supercomputer to go. What a shame. Spending an infimate proportion of that I can buy a Falcon Northwest with everything on it.

    It is like having a solid gold Volkswagen Beetle. Pfffttt. Pity.

  16. Franklin
    Thumb Down

    Dear God...

    Until this very moment, I thought Dell made the ugliest commodity PCs on the market. Looks like I was wrong.

  17. Alan Lukaszewicz

    Hmmm, interesting!

    The first thought that occured to me is related to an earlier posting about Vist'a successor.

    In that we considered dumping the "Windows" moniker and looked at "Microsoft Vienna" (Oh Vienna!, Ultravox and all that).

    And now the thought occurs to me that MS Vista++ should have two forms. One is the general type open hardware platform that makes on OS run on non-ECC RAM and so forth (it keeps the lo-cost people happy) and the other is a top level, limited hardware variant (MS Vienna Top Class?) running along Apple hardware type model.




  18. LaeMi Qian
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    PC obsolescence...

    ...means you have a gold/platinum brick in 6-12 months time :-)

    Keep the diamonds: Multiple Quad-core CPUs, big wide GPUs and lots and lots of RAM are THIS girl's best friend! ;-)

  19. Kris Chaplin
    Jobs Halo

    Anyone this vain

    ... would expect it to be a mac under the hood, and have more ram than my work laptop. Steve, as he charges extra for fancy cases.

  20. Andy Hards
    IT Angle


    To be honest I think that what ever numbnuts buys this if they ask for some extra and better bobbins inside to make it go faster or have better graphics then the manufacturers will probably agree to changing a few bits. It's not like you'll have some student doing his saturday job telling them that it's not possible because that's how it comes. If they can find someone stupid enough to buy one they'll be bending over backwards to make sure that they have it exactly as they want it.

  21. Steve Evans


    As you say, the gold is probably rather thick for the bling value...

    Which makes me wonder...

    How heavy is this thing! The shipping might be more than the PC!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    2GB Ram, Ugly, Vista?

    2GB Ram, Ugly, Vista?

    The images look completely fake, Would be nice to have actual photo's...

  23. Rob
    Thumb Down

    "Whopping" 1Tb?

    Not being Pedantic or anything, but this is 2008, most of us have 2-3Tb storage - 1Tb could be more accurately descibed as "mediocre" or alternatively just "meh".

  24. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Shame about the spec...

    For that price, they might have been able to put together a machine with enough oomph to run Vista properly.

    If they shopped around carefully.

  25. Iain Purdie

    Bet they charge extra...

    ...if you want XP installed instead of ****ing Vista. As many people have already said, though, this PC's definitely aimed at the "more money than sense" brigade. Frankly, for the use it probably is, they'd be as well selling the case with no components inside.

  26. Ascylto

    @ Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    "they might have been able to put together a machine with enough oomph to run Vista properly."

    Sooooooooo, YOU'RE the man who knows how to run Vista properly!

    Come on, tell us how ...

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