back to article Ofcom boss demands action on data roaming charges

Ofcom's chief executive Ed Richards will tell a meeting of European regulators today there is a need to make sharp reductions to the costs of "text roaming" and "data roaming" across Europe. Richards will also look at whether Ofcom has powers to act itself. Sending a text from abroad costs an average of 21p versus an average …


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  1. Chad H.

    memo to ofcom

    if you're going to pretend you have a backbone, go after those unlimited ISPs, as that effects more than just the business class flying elite.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    @ Chad

    Chad, have you signed the petition

    I see it has generated a staggering 27 signatures so far !

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  4. Cameron Colley

    About time too...

    I was a little miffed to read that my "unlimited" free data counted for nothing when roaming in Europe, and I had to spend £7.50 a MB [T-Mobile says Mb, but I think it's a typo] for data in Europe. I was even more miffed when I found out that the data charges for satellite phones are £7.50 per MB.

    Hopefully this will mean at least some reduction in cost.

    @Chad -- I'm not sure I could be classed as "high flying business elite" in anyone's book, us poor people have mobile internet too nowadays you know ;~).

  5. Chad H.


    I can't sign it the way its worded, unlimited I like... Unlimited* where star means "dont do anything illegal or damaging to the network", is fair game, unlimited* where * means actually, there is a limit, is what I dont like, the petition calls for unlimited to always be banned... Even when it really is unlimited.

  6. Mage Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Arn't these the geezers that opposed the reduction in voice roaming charges?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    There's loads of petitions

    Go to and search for broadband and then click on the petitions tab, you get all of these;

  8. mark


    ...Cue many years of wrangling where the poor penniless network operators claim that they can't possibly survive without the revenue and will have to find another way to survive...

    In total agreement with the comments about unlimited BB / Data too. O2 make precious little mention of the fact that their 'u/l' package doesn't cover you when abroad.

    Would love to sign the petition on, but don't want to help the government build a profile of my political persuasion (where's my tin foil hat again?)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    How about outside Europe?

    I am a European citizen billed in my home country for my mobile service. Why should my provider be allowed to shaft me by charging over the odds for roaming outside Europe? Let's see a return of "whatever the foreign telco charge plus a fixed percentage or pence per minute markup for the provider."

    Ofcom? No, didn't think so... Go back to pleasuring the MD of Vodafone

  10. AJ

    So They Bloody Well Should...

    We have been victim of inflated prices for so long, when the cost involved of sending a text from abroad is not much more expensive for the network than it is to send one in the UK yet we pay over double, in some cases more!!

    I was miffed that they didnt look into this when then EU forced companies to reduce roaming charges for calls from within the EU.

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