back to article ICANN to throttle domain tasters

ICANN wants to destroy domain tasters at the expense of poor typists. Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said that it will consider charging its annual fee for internet domain names as soon as names are registered. From ICANN's perspective, this would effectively eliminate so-called "domain tasters …


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  1. Morely Dotes

    What are the odds?

    "According to an ICANN study, in January 2007, a mere ten organizations accounted for 95 per cent of all deleted domain names."

    And I'll bet at least 9 of those are in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, and are fronts for spammers.

  2. JK
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    Lets see if Network Solutions registers these...

    Well, in the meanwhile I decided to see if Network Solutions was still doing that game or not.

    "Congratulations! The following domains are available:

    champ-mitchell-is-a-domain-tasting-fag (.com, .net)

    networksolutions-sucks-donkeydick (.com, .net)"

    I guess we'll find out in the next few days!

  3. Andre

    har har @ jk



    Whois Server:

    Referral URL:



    Status: clientHold

    Updated Date: 30-jan-2008

    Creation Date: 30-jan-2008

    Expiration Date: 30-jan-2009

  4. Jolyon Ralph
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    Well, guess what...



    This Domain is Available - Register it Now!

    600,000 domain names are registered daily! Don't delay; there's no guarantee

    that a domain name you see today will still be here tomorrow!

    Register it Now at


    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

    Network Solutions, LLC

    13681 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300

    HERNDON, VA 20171


    1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620

    Record expires on 30-Jan-2009.

    Record created on 30-Jan-2008.

    Database last updated on 30-Jan-2008 18:12:07 EST.

    Domain servers in listed order:

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Here's hoping legitimate registrars will do their part by offering to refund all but that $0.20/year for a certain grace period for those who typo. I'd hate to be in the position of telling one of those people that their incompetent spelling habits has them out more than $5. I'd even less like to be telling someone that my co-worker's incompetent spelling habits has cost them the full price we charge to customers rather than just the ICANN fee.

    --an employee of a Network Solutions competitor

  6. Trix

    About bloody time.

    So what if people get charged $5 for a typo. That'll learn 'em to get it right. Perhaps, if a registrar wants to be nice, the domain doesn't get activated until the user replies to a confirmation email (which will naturally urge them to double-check the spelling of the domain name).

    As for Network Solutions, good riddance - I truly hope that measure severely screws their business "model".

  7. Silo Spen

    I lol'd

    That was amazing, JK.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What makes it so hard to fix?

    The AGP was introduced to solve a "problem" that didn't exist. Board-members have admitted that it was a mistake, and really just introduced by mistake by an eager employee and overlooked when it passed the board's review. Why does it then take years to get it removed. One would almost suspect ICANN officials of having financial interests in the scams who profit from it ;)

  10. Matt Williams

    No sympathy

    I've got over a thousand domains and only one of those was an accidental typo. I have no sympathy for someone who registers a domain with a typo in it, they should just pay the cost of their registration. It will teach them to be more careful next time.

  11. Matt

    Distance selling

    Doesn't the UK distance selling law mean you've got to have a "get out"?

  12. Dave Ashe

    Used to be a whole YEAR!

    I remember when you had a whole YEAR to pay for your domain name (if it wasn't a year, it was close to that anyway)

    I used to register a name, have fun with it for a year, decide whether to keep it or not, those were the days!!

  13. Christoph

    I'm sure everyone will act responsibly here

    I trust that El Reg readers will all act responsibly, and not do anything so inconsiderate and irresponsible as setting up a bot to automatically search for vast numbers of domains on the Network Solutions site.

  14. Anonymous Coward


    You seem to have a fixation with homosexuality. Are you trying to tell us something?

  15. Marcelo Rodrigues

    I don't want to brag, but...

    They should talk with us, brazilians. Here the domain registering is MUCH more sensible.

    To get a "" I must have a non-lucrative operation. To get a "" I must have a business, and "" is for telecommunications. There are dozens others, but I believe You got the gist...

    We pay R$ 30,00/year (roughly 16 american dollars) for a domain. Yes, it's much more expensive - but our domain tree is nice and clean. Go there (, make a search! No Cyber-squatter, no domain-taster and there isn't this pile of redirects due to mistyped URLs.

    Shure, if I make a typo in my domain registration I'll have to pay the full year tax. But, so what? Why should the registar take care of my domain spelling? As long as I'm not registering something like "" (wich is forbidden, by the way)... they shouldn't worry about what I typed.

  16. Mike Hoagland
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    "That sounds like, well, it would work."

    Yes, and since I've just patented the internet business-method of charging for something when it's received and NOT later, I'll make a mint!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    " a mere ten organizations accounted for 95 per cent "

    Well, then, I can see an alternative solution to the problem: That's a small enough target set to make military action against them a realistic proposition.

    Hell, probably even the US Army could handle a job that small without screwing it up.

  18. Danger Mouse


    I can't spell for loev nor mony but with the 400+ domains I have registered for clients I haven't made one single screw up. The reason for this?, if I know it's going to cost me money I double check everything, which isn't too hard now is it?.

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