back to article Amazon to sell more stuff in 2008

This afternoon, during a conference call with industry analysts and reporters, Amazon chief financial officer Thomas Szkutak gave the world a peek into the company's plans for the coming year. "In 2008, you know, we're going to do more of what we did in 2007," he said. That's right, Amazon plans to sell more stuff. "We're …


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  1. Webster Phreaky

    Amazon is GREAT and eBay SUCKS DICK from a sellers point.

    Do you hear that, up and coming new eBay CEO??? YOU (eBay) don't hold a candle to Amazon from a Sellers and Buyers stand-point! Amazon charges less than half the final sales fees that eBay does, the shipping fees are fair from a sellers and buyers cost and it doesn't cost a cent to list a new or used item on an Amazon store (as long as a skew already exists, and most do); while eBay buggers you big bucks to just list, whether you sell or not.

    Also Amazon uses major credit cards direct instead of that fu@ked up PayPal! When the sale is posted by Amazon as complete, Amazon stands by the payment to the seller whether the buyer flakes or not. PayPal says F U seller if the buyer is a con-artist, and also the same if you are the buyer!

    I'd love to see eBay go down in flames, while Amazon kicks their ass.

  2. Michael Greenhill

    @ Webster Phreaky

    Sure, Amazon might be great. It still doesn't excuse the fact that they won't ship _at all_ to my country.

    Given that, they're about as useful as a condom vending machine in the Vatican.

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  4. Andy Worth


    At least Amazon is not yet so full of the fraud that is utterly prevalent on Ebay. I'm sure there is some, but not to the same scale. I've been selling on Amazon lately and found it much less of a hassle, not having to deal with mails about almost everything I sell, from Prince Abu Dabu asking if I'll take a wire transfer.

  5. Colin Jepson

    How good is Amazon?

    I have recently tried to buy some goods from Amazon UK and had a seriously bad experience. The website did not work correctly and showed some very serious potential security problems. I have not, even after eventually getting call from a real person in Ireland, had a satisfactory explanation of what went wrong.

    Needless to say, I am now an ex customer.

    No Pay Pal in sight.


  6. RW

    Amazon Not So Good

    Most Canadians using Amazon don't waste time at because the selection is so poor and the prices so much higher. We instinctively turn to in the US, whereupon we get bitten by an exceptionally stupid example of mal-design.

    When you log on to, it knows what country you are in. Yet the amazon system is happy to let you fill up your shopping cart with goods they will not ship outside the US. (Only if the listing includes "international shipping available" will they ship ex-US.)

    When you then go to check out, you get the Highly Illuminating error screen "there is something wrong with your order." I kid you not.

    Given such overt stupidity, you can't help but wonder what hidden stupidities infest the Amazon system . . .

    Ebay has analogous stupidities involving knowing what country you are in but not acting on the information. AFAICT, all these big e-commerce sites are like this, and the sooner they get ousted by an outfit in, say, China, the better.

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