back to article VMware sales slowdown triggers stock meltdown

The VMware orgasm officially ended Monday, as the virtualization software maker revealed that it could no longer match "the market's" lofty expectations. VMware officials, during an conference call to cover their fourth quarter earnings, forecast revenue growth of just 50 per cent in 2008. We say "just" because the company has …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Greed and Logic Don't Mix

    I have seen this over excited stock activity again and again, mostly with technology companies.

    People don't seem to understand that even though software is simply a collection of on and off bits and costs relatively nothing to duplicate and distribute, the market has limits of absorption that are the same as more tangible goods like cars and paper.

    The days of software consumers gobbling up endless versions is over.

  2. Chad Larson

    Drives me crazy

    These kinds of stories make me nuts. So VMware has a majority share of the market, and grew its business, and the stock takes a dump because they didn't meet the "analysts" expectations.

    Apple stock was above $190 just before they announced their Q4 numbers, which were the best quarter they'd ever had, and up 48% over previous year. Now their stock is around $160. Why? "Analysts" expectations.

    Where do these people get all that power? If they could run a company, they would. Instead they sit in the peanut gallery and throw recommendations, and punish the company if they aren't followed.

    The stock market is becoming a joke. Para mutual wagering, like at the dog track. "I bet I can guess which way that stock will move better than you and the rest of your lot can do."

    Time was, people bought stock in a company because they respected the company and wanted to own a piece of it. They expected to make return on their investment in dividends.

    Now, a company that pays dividends is considered foolish. That money should be spent on some kind of acquisition to insure continued growth. And growth is necessary because movement is the way these short-term investors make money. Never mind if the company is solidly in the black, holding down their place in the market, returning steady profits. No, not good enough! They have to grow so funds managers can hold their stock for a year and then dump it for a profit.


    <here endeth the rant of an old fart>

  3. s. pam

    Virtually Expected Frictionless Architecture

    Attacks and eats its own, if anyone is complaining it should be the Intel's and HW manufacturers who sell less kit now....

    So will they post a virtual loss or are they seamlessly losing new meat to sell to?

  4. Ralph B

    Giving it away?

    So, their profits dropped after they started giving away their product for nought (VMware Player)? Who'd've thunk it?

  5. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Giving it away?

    Mmmm, their profits actually increased since they've been giving away Player. Their rate of revenue growth is now predicted to slow, which is certainly a factor of the company's size. I think the bigger deal is how quickly VMware will move from around 90 percent growth to 50ish percent. Few people expected such a drop so quickly.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re:Giving it Away

    Player is nice, but limited. VMWare is a nice tool, especially in the development and upgrade arenas where you can build and destroy environments to your hearts content, in very little time.

    Trouble is, it's a bit expensive, oh, I grant you, in the scheme of things the licence costs are quite small, but I'll lay you odds that the hosting oranisations are catching on, hardware is reliable, getting bigger, so now some, charge nearly the same for a hosted O/S instance as they do for a physical server. This makes virtualisation look expensive for the benefit it delivers.

    Add to that, the fact that you have Zen, the open source tool that has some big supporters, and Microsoft's sort of giveaway tools, and we can see why life is going to be tougher for VMWare

  7. Duncan Hothersall

    @ Ralph B

    Well done there son. You managed to respond to this story without even understanding it; perhaps, even, without reading it at all.

    You're not an SNP politician are you?

    The reason I ask is that that they too have difficulty distinguishing between "a decrease" and "a smaller increase than we were expecting". They talk about amounts "dropping" when in fact they have increased. Perhaps you can give some insight into this condition. Is it permanent? Your friends in the north would thank you.

  8. Mike Laverick

    Dot-com all over again?

    The current economic situation reminds me of previous "downturns". Companies like VMware are reporting extraordinary growth - and yet the market is miserable - because were only making this small(er) obscene profit, instead of his mega-huge obscense profit - lets sell, sell, sell..

    We in the West are SERIOUSLY in danger of "talking" ourselves into a recession. Sure the economic values don't add-up - but we should be aiming for a slow-down rather than talking ourselves into a recession.

    Stories about companies only making double-digit profits - don't help...



  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Numbers game

    Only 50% annual revenue growth??? Pathetic! The game's up! Close it all down!

    I used to work for a US corporation and our division did three consecutive years of >60% annual growth. We were very profitable also. Then the CEO said our division was "a perfect example of business that xxx Corp shouldn't be doing" and closed us down.

    So the analysts must have it right and these guys should count themselves lucky not to be out of work.


    Paris because stupidity is more common than you think

  10. Mark Spooner

    VMWARE Slowdown -- Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

    Great. Now that I finally bought a copy, they'll likely stop updating it to save money:( It has proven to be quite useful as an alternative to the dual/triple boot laptop.

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