back to article Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?

Sony may soon phase out sales of its 80GB PlayStation 3, in favour of either a 120GB or 160GB capacity package, also featuring the long-awaited DualShock 3 controller. An alleged mole close to Sony has confirmed to Arstechnica that the 80GB model is to be phased out to make way for a higher-capacity replacement. The source …


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  1. Jason Aspinall

    What's taken them soooo long?

    Anyone capable of operating a screwdriver and following on screen prompts can *easily* upgrade any PS3. My little 40gig model lasted all of a week before I popped in a 250Gb behometh! :) (and no, I still don't care it doesn't play ps2 games...I still have my ps2 to do that, should I take a knock to the head and decide I want to play crappy standard def games)

  2. kyle elliott


    Its not like most of us didnt swap out the drive right off with a 250 gig anyway...

  3. Christopher Rogers


    i don't get the hype. The rumble controller is more interesting.

  4. Albert

    Interesting to see if it will be backward compatible

    Not that it really matter, but it will be interesting to see if the new PS3 will be backward compatible with the PS2.

  5. andy gibson

    "Monster Capacity"

    My PS2 had a 250Gb hard drive in years ago. Why are Sony still using such limited sized drives?

  6. Colm Walls


    Can anyone tell me whether there is a UK spec PS3 that plays PS2 title? Do I have to go on eBay? Does the spec matter ie could I buy a US PS3 and if so which one still plays PS2? Thanks.

  7. Joe K
    Thumb Down

    Who needs it?

    My 40gig is still not even half full and its packed with demos and crap.

    Save movies and music? Meh, i'll just stream them from my comp with TVersity thanks very much, it plays a LOT more formats anyway.

  8. Svein Skogen

    What beats me, is

    What beats me, is why anybody in Europe even bought the stripped down PS3 offered here (compared to the one in US and Asia). Every one of the idiots that bought a European PS3 has quite clearly stated "We think it's ok to bend over, so that your US and Asian customers can get a better machine we're subsidising."

    All those who've bought the European PS3, which is clearly an inferior model compared to the US ones (smaller HDD, no hardware PS2 compatibility) are infact stating (with their wallet, the only sort of statement a greedy company understands) that they are quite ok with Sony ripping them off. And they are stating that they firmly believes that US customers should receive better products than them. And they are stating that they will be ok with Sony CONTINUING to rip them off by supplying their US customers with better products.

    Muppets. All of them.


  9. Stu

    Have space will use it

    I see no point in upping the HDD size (just yet at least), I own a 60Gb PS3 and I've barely scratched thru 1/4 its disk space, I've got some PSN downloaded games, some game updates, patches, etc, tons of save games, and some DivX clips, plus a whole lot of music, and its still going to take some time to fill.

    Can I ask Kyle Elliott and Jason Aspinall if they've even scratched the surface of these big disks, or are you heavy PS3 users? I'm probably a 'mild' user of it.


    Now when Sony release the supposed TV tuner addon to give it PVR (DVR?) capabilities, looking to be in the distant future. Then we start talking about upping the HDD size, and yes this means shelling out for a new 2.5" laptop hard disk and plugging it in, not going out and buying this new PS3, that would be plain silly.

  10. kyle elliott


    I copy movies over to mine, demos on it and that sort, plus installed ubuntu on it. i used maybe 40 gigs though at most.

  11. sion Phillips
    Gates Horns

    @Colm Walls

    You need a 60Gb PS3 to play PS2 games, as they stopped making them you'll be lucky to get one in the shops so eBay is your best bet.

    PS2 games are region coded so if you buy a US PS3 you can only play US PS2 games on it.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Oooh that is big...

    I can't wait until technology advances to a point where i can install such capacious hard drives in my desktop PC.

  13. Alex


    I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am glad to hear of the possibility of further iterations of the PS3. The one thing lacking from the current console market is choice. With only 4 versions of the 360 and PS3 made so far, it's not easy to choose a console that fulfills one's needs.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Colm Walls - Re: PS2

    I think it goes like this:

    US Consoles:

    20GB/60GB (discontinued models, but you can find them second hand on ebay) - they have hardware backwards compatibility so it's supposed to be the best. However I don't know if they will continued to be supported in the future.

    80GB - compatibility via software emulation. Lots of games have problems, but the list of compatible games is meant to grow with each system update.

    40GB - no backwards compatibility

    See here for list

    UK consoles:

    20GB/60GB - software compatibility (as with the 80GB US model)

    40GB - no backwards compatibility

    See here for list

  15. Justin

    You forgot the dualshock 3 controllers

    This is a big move too,

    Wander if thet increased the battery capacity in the controllers>?

  16. Matt

    European users.

    I'm not sure we got a worse deal. I can play all my PS2 games (well the three I currently want to) and they run without any problems. The up-scaling doesn't make a great deal of difference but they run slightly better than on my PS2 and load times are better.

    It's trivial to change the HDD, although 60GB is fine for me.

    I agree that I don't want to be screwed in order to support other users (like I am for PC prices) but I can't see that I am here.

  17. DrXym

    PlayT V needs a larger HDD

    PlayTV is a very cool add-on coming to the PS3 soon - a twin digital tuner that turns your PS3 into a PVR device. Watch shows, pause live tv, record while watching etc. It even supports HD DVB-T when it appears. I think this device on its own demands more than 40Gb capacity. It wouldn't surprise me if Sony bundle up the PlayTV device with a larger capacity drive for the European market.

  18. Anonymous Coward
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    60gb ps3 multiregion gaming

    The 60gb ps3 is multi region gaming, but region 2 blu-ray, go figure

    I have Canadian games fro mine.

  19. Anonymous Coward
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    TV tuner rumour?

    I thought it was "common knowledge" that a DVB tuner for PS3 is on the way.

    160GB would be the *minimum* you'd want from a PVR.

    2 + 2 = ?

  20. diazamet


    just drop the price some and offer a PS3 without a HDD

  21. Filippo Silver badge


    When the EU PS3 was released, the only difference to the US PS3 was the BC in software, which btw works pretty damn good. Disk size was the same. So basically, the only thing I "lost" was the ability to play a (relatively small) bunch of PS2 games - which I haven't played in years anyway. It was a fine deal and it keeps getting better.

    I couldn't give a damn about the usual mindless Sony bashing that seems so trendy these days on the Internet, but if you start insulting people, you could at least check your facts.

  22. Andy S

    don't they take standard laptop drives?

    I don't see why they are even sold with different sized hard disks as its only £50 retail for a 160GB drive. Its not like they are custom designed drives so that you are forced to buy a specific one at 3-4 times the normal price, as other, less scrupulous, console makers have done.

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    @andy gibson

    Hear hear buddy. I only learnt the joys of a HDD in a PS2 about 18 months ago and it's awesome. Why oh why don't Sony implement this on the PS3? That one time transfer of the disc to the HDD will quarter the load times of games in the future.

    If they're worried about piracy they can always make the PS3 check for the game disc before using the PS3. But chances are someone will eventually create HD Loader or equivalent for the PS3 and steal Sony's thunder

  24. Steve Barnes

    Re: @Sony

    "just drop the price some and offer a PS3 without a HDD"

    - Most PS3 games & indeed next-gen games require a small installation to the hdd to operate, so this wouldnt work, plus, you want to be able to store things this gen, download games / downloadable content is the future.

  25. paul

    bring on the games

    I dont welcome the introduction of a higher model, but the new controllers are a welcome bonus.

    I just bought a 40g for 300 quid. I expect many more people would by the same thing if it was a bit cheaper. Just before the GTA IV release would be the way to go.

    Now bring on the 1080p games , nba basketball 2008 looks crystal clear - even if it doesn't have the best graphics. Lots more to come in 2008!

  26. Alex

    @ Alex

    .. how come you have my name??

    I should TM it and make a mint.. or even PATENT it lol!


    My PS3 is virtually on all the time now. After selling the HD-DVD for my Xbox, I think my Xbox will be more of a games machine for the bedroom now. Streaming movies is a doddle, so no real reason to punt a huge disk in the PS3 yet, although the PLayTV will be very interesting!! Have heard on the old grape vine that one keen Sony dev has punted a Satellite usb dongle onto one - with software to record and watch via HDMI!! lol!! Just wait till Murdock hears about that!! lol!!

    *Getting giddy*

    And Dualshock3s... oh lord.. I think I've just messed...!!

  27. Anonymous Coward
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    'Monster Capacity'

    Sheesh - I've got a 160GB USB drive for my car stereo.

  28. Matt

    Dual shocks...

    I dont understand this fascination with being backwards... other than GT4, I have never wanted to play a PS2 game in my life! so why will i start now? certainly not on my lovely hi-def telly...

    I loose a card reader... woopdy do! i have one on my printer, my PC, my laptop, my car stereo....

    2 missing usb ports... well I suppose... nope! :p anyone that has 4 usb plugs hanging out of the front of their PS3 deserves whatever they have coming to them!! :D if the missing USB's were on the back, then id miss them...

    Films and music are streamed from my media server across a gig wired network...

    The only thing I miss on the 40, is the shiny chrome bezel and case lettering :D

    so when i buy the ps3tv thingmy Ill just swap the drive to the current largist available and enjoy the savings :)

    oh... and the dual shock3 - well rumbly love is yours for just £35 from hong kong and its well worth it!

  29. Lance

    What about the RSX and Cell

    @Andy Gibson

    Because smaller drives are cheaper; as manufacturers want to phase the smaller drives out, the larger ones decrease in price and usually match the same price point as the smaller drive. Sony is already subsidizing the price of the PS3.

    The real question is if the Cell Processor will be 65-nm as well as The RSX GPU.

  30. jai

    apparently not - rumour denied by SCEE

    "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has issued a statement confirming that the company has no plans to release a 120GB PlayStation 3 console in the United Kingdom.",-says-SCEE--a0002575-p0.php

    or possibly you might take this as confirmation that the disk size will be 160gb as they made no mention of that

  31. Andy Bright

    Not sure I understand the excitement

    Its just a hard disk and was bound to have its capacity increased as larger models fell in price. And if you own one of the lower capacity models it takes about 10 minutes to replace, format and OS install a larger HD.

    This isn't an iPod or anything as limited. Its no more complicated a procedure than upgrading the hard drive in any computer, in fact less so because it re-installs the OS for you without you having to worry about licensing, keys, activation and so on.

  32. Phil


    I'm one of those muppets as you politely put it.

    Reasons quite simple.

    If I want a big hard drive I'll throw a 250+GB in for around the £60 mark.

    If I need more than 2 USB ports, I'll use one of the many USB hubs available for around £5

    40GB PS3 £299

    60GB PS3 something like £350

    So I'm paying an extra £50 for 2 USB ports and 20GB of extra disk space. An extra 20GB (or 40GB) wont make much difference, if I use it as a media server I'm going to want a BIG drive, hence whatever Sony supply, will be replaced. If I'm using it just for games, 40GB should be ample.

    I have a PS2 should I want to play any PS2 games, but haven't turned it on since I first brought my 360 in 2006, backward compatibility wont be missed by me.

    Sony were spot on in my view with their 40GB.

  33. Dinsdale Piranha
    Gates Horns


    What's the big deal?

    £50 and less than a minute with the screwdriver. Bingo, 40GB -> 160GB PS3.

    Buy a cheap one - spend the rest on goodies.

  34. This post has been deleted by its author

  35. Andy Bright

    Hardware PS2 compatibility

    Can be bought for any computer, console or even a toaster. It costs about 20 quid and its called.. a PS2.

    The whining over backwards compatibility is irritating to say the least. If you like your PS2 games that much, save yourself some money and keep your PS2.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Hardware PS2 compatibility

    Two reasons why the PS3 backwards compatibility is important:

    - upscaling. PS2 games look much better when played on a PS3

    - one less box under my TV. It's already too crowded in there!

  37. Steve Rowsell

    @ Andy Bright

    Quote : 'If you like your PS2 games that much, save yourself some money and keep your PS2.'

    We've already worked that out for ourselves thank you. I think that is part of Sony's problem, (well, that and the Wii and 360 devouring its market share).

    People are holding onto their old kit for the very reason that they DO like their old games, (who wants to have built up a library of hundreds of pounds worth of games only to find that they're then expected to pack them away, never to be played again?). This is an especially important thing to think about when you consider it is a good 18 months since the release of the PS3, and only now are there a handful of half-decent games available for the system.

    Why do you think Sony is peppering the market trying to find a model of the PS3 that people will actually buy in any great numbers? This is obviously barring the more easily influenced (brainwashed?) of us, who'd not only feel obliged to buy a turd if it had a Sony logo on it, but also claim that it was then sleeker, featured better content and ran faster (!) than all the other turds out there.

    My guess is that somewhere down the line, although backwards compatibility is 'no longer going to be a feature of the PS3', the online Playstation store will suddenly come up with some form emulator, and start selling the PS2 games you USED to own (but then sold), ensuring many of their customers pay twice for the same product. (Don't believe me? See also PSP emulation of PS1 games).

    Bascially, I'll continue to vote with my wallet whilst Sony continue to insist their European customers bend over and think of Ken Kutaragi.

    Incidentally, for those who can't quite work it out for themselves, the reason why 'Sony-bashing seems to be so popular at the moment' is because since the release of the original Playstation, Sony undoubtedly built up a huge and loyal customer base, (who bought PS2s en masse, despite it not being the best of the last gen machines).

    It would appear that this loyal customer base is now becoming quite angry and disenfranchised, (especially those of us who have the misfortune to live in Europe), as they basically see Sony's recent actions as a kick in the teeth as a reward for their continued custom.

    To coin a phrase, this whining from people who don't seem to recognise they are being stiffed is irritating to say the least.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    So many playstation 3 versions

    So it looks to me like they have the following models

    PS3 home basic

    PS3 home premium

    PS3 business

    PS3 enterprise

    PS3 Ultimate.

    ... is that about right?

    Even Paris would be confused by that lot!

  39. Iain

    @Steve Barnes, re: PS3 sans HDD

    If Sony sold a cheaper PS3 without a HDD in, but still forced us to put one in there to do anything that would be fine by me. Then the people that just want a 20Gb data store for holding firmware updates, save games and a couple of disc caches for PS3 titles or whatever could do so, and those that want a massive 250Gb store of every divx file they own can have it their way.

    When I bought a PS2 I had to pay extra for a memory card, and those don't do much without one. The thing is, as much as Sony's scattergun attempts to find a PS3 that matches what most people want have brought about more different models than I can care to count right now, any individual market has only had one or two to pick from at any time. Right now, it's damned hard to find anything other than the cut-down 40Gb model in the UK, for instance.

  40. Steve Barnes

    Re: @Steve Barnes, re: PS3 sans HDD

    Erm, I think that's what Sony HAVE done. Most people dont consider 40gb much, so if you want to put loads of music or videos on your HDD, buy a giant 250 / 320GB drive and put it in with ease, if not, stick with the 40gb drive (which is small by almost anyone's standards) and you can save games, install games, wallpapers etc. And Sony would struggle to sell a PS3 that REQUIRED a hard drive to function without a Hard Drive included legally, as it is not fit for the use when it's bought that way.

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