back to article Microsoft delays SQL Server 2008 release again

Redmond has scaled back its ambitious plans to get the server party started by sidelining its 2008 version of sequel server – which was originally supposed to hit manufacturing at the end of last year – to the third quarter. SQL Server 2008 had been expected to join the biggest single day of launches in the software giant's …


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  1. John Bayly
    Gates Horns

    That's going to delay Mark Whitehorn

    His "Windows 2008 stack experience" looks like it could end up being more painful than we (or at least some of us) envisaged.

  2. Jason Law
    Paris Hilton

    Bring back Enterprise Manager & Query Analyser!

    Of all the MS products, I have loved SQL Server the most. It has been a loyal and faithful servant for many, many years.

    Most sites still seem to stick with SQL2000 and for a very good reason - for the first time since Microsoft bought this product from Sybase, the last release, SQL2005, was noticeably poorer in many ways than it's predecessor. Overall performance was down, system requirements were up (what should be known as the Vista dividend) and the only significant benefit seemed to be the introduction of a new language technology that pretty much no SQL expert wanted to touch with a 20 Metre cattle-prod. The new Workbench is so shockingly piss-poor, I instantly hate any site that forces me to use it.

    Get a grip MS. Don't kill the goose by stuffing it with .NET badness.

    In the extra time you've now got - bring back Query Analyser.

    Paris? 'cos she looks like she enjoys a good inner join.

  3. Dave

    What tool have you been using?

    SQL 2005 was a vast improvement for me and everyone else I know. The new environment nicley intergrated two tools into one and is much easier to work with. We also found that the upgrade eliminated a lot of deadlock and timeout issues.

    As for using more resources. Sure, but that is every new version of pretty much every software program released. You don`t get new features for nothing.

  4. Jamie

    Management Studio...grrrrrr

    Dear oh dear "much easier to work with", "nicely integrated"...I use Management Studio every day and every day I curse its hopeless clunky interface where it takes 3 clicks to do what used to be possible with one.

    To be fair EM had it's faults (like randomly shutting down ever so often), but QA was a nice tool that did a simple job and did it well.

    Change for the sake of change, and not well thought out IMHO.

  5. Chris Walsh

    Had it already!

    This announcement is strange.

    I've downloaded and been using VS2008 Professional for the last eight weeks via our MSDN Subscription. How could VS "not" announce a release?

    BTW: Before you ask, I'm not using a beta or RC version of VS2008.

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