back to article The internet's up sh*t creek, but at least we have aliens

Alien hunters trawling NASA images for evidence of life have posted what appears to be a little green humanoid in a snapshot taken by the Spirit rover on Mars. The image has since been the focus of a great deal of debate, both informed and otherwise, and you lot were full of interesting theories: It's the Virgin Mary! How long …


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  1. Anonymous John

    Well I'm not going to welcome a 5 inch tall Martian overlord.

    Coat please, plus the shoes if you've finished scraping the alien off the soles.

  2. The_Police!
    Thumb Up

    That was mine!

    Nice one Robin!

    Looks like you used mine:


    By The_Police!

    Posted Thursday 24th January 2008 09:47 GMT

    Looks like my connection has gone up sh*t creek!




  3. Robin Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: That was mine!

    Bugger! It's the law!

    Okay, fair enough. You said it first, but in my defence I wasn't aware that I was nicking it. Let these comments stand as a testament to all of this.

  4. Benjamin Kunz

    wrt: sewers..

    I'm sure some of you remember ?

    Now the question is just - when will google sue for infringement?!

  5. WhatWasThat?

    Extraterrestrial Excrement Excites Epitomes

    Fancy that AIl alien bandwidth IS already Brought by septicNET, and That is the Reasoning For the Seasoning. Tiny Tertiary Tidbits to T*rd Tinpots Tickle Teensy Terrors? Two True!

  6. Troy Peterson

    Fibre in the sewers

    Hmm.. Somehow I missed this story when it ran. Had I seen it I would have pointed out that Google has already beaten everyone to it.. They introduced a similar system last year, on the 1st of April:

    Sounds like a great service to me.

  7. The_Police!

    @Robin Lettice

    You are free to go! Let that be a lesson to you!

    Just collecting my coat. Off to the pub I go!

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