back to article New Bond film title voted a 'Licence to Thrill!'

An online poll down at the entertainment section of the Beeb's website indicates that the vast majority of those voting are fully in favour of Bond 22 being titled Quantum of Solace. And when we say vast majority, we mean 95.88 per cent declaring it a "Licence to Thrill!" with a mere 4.12 per cent reckoning it's "From Russia …


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  1. Pin


    It's because Licence to Thrill sounds more like Licence to Kill than From Russia With Love does to it's From Russia With dud. Although the second one did make me laugh >_>

    If only you'd thought of a poll with snappy answers, maybe there would have been a different reaction!

  2. dervheid

    A Squat Colon Fume

    This and other anagrams at

  3. Stephen Tordoff
    Thumb Down

    Does anyone care?

    Does anyone actually care what ~8000 people think of a film title?

    (It's 89.87:10.13 now anyway)

  4. Anonymous Coward


    I voted only an hour or two ago and it was a 50/50 split...

  5. Eddie Edwards

    News feedback explosion

    The Beeb thinks what bloggers think is news.

    Now the Reg thinks what the Beeb writes about what Bloggers think is news.

    If the Beeb does a story on the Reg writing on the Beeb writing on the opinion of Bloggers I'm going to explode in a mess of bloody recursion.

  6. Will


    When I saw it yesterday it was 56% nay and 44% yea. Perhaps some Bond fans have been spending a little too much time clicking yes?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why did you choose that particular anagram? "Macaque's fun tool" is soooooooooo much funnier

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    That's from the *Beeb*?

    Talk about dumbing down. That's straight out of the red-top (no offence) tabloids' ideas locker*, right down to the strained title puns. All that's missing is the 0898 number to 'phone your vote in on.


    * Less of a locker really, more a sort of small rusty cake tin with the lid missing.

  9. Jolyon Ralph
    Thumb Up

    Well I like the name!

    So there.


  10. Greg

    Why is this such huge news?

    I can't understand why this is such a big deal? They unveil the title - the title, for sod's sake! - and it gets headline national news, they run polls on what people think of it, etc, etc. Geez.

    The Bond films are rubbish anyway. How about simply labelling it "More Garbage"?

  11. Al


    I voted From Russia with dud yesterday and the results were 48% for and 52% against. I find it suspicious that the results could change so rapidly in less than 24 hours...

  12. Michael
    Black Helicopters


    Bond fans, or some interns and runners employed by the film company?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps this is because...

    Bond fans all resemble Alan Partridge, and are also posessed by his tasteless penchant for the stupid title?

    Quantum of Solace is just so right in the middle of the Robert Ludlum shelf it's hilarious.... and as Greg points out, "More garbage" is close3r to the point... though I'd suggest "more shiny garbage, and tits" myself.

  14. Pete James

    Ethical Chip Shop

    The answer is, er, sort of easy.....

    We're nerds here and the joy of being anal about the film title is just too much to resist.

    The Beeb voters are all hoping to get extras castings

    They're already planning the Christmas telly schedule and so the bidding for screening rights is underway

  15. Al
    Thumb Up


    Yesterday afternoon it was 48% for and 52% against...Can the opinions of the masses change so drastically in less than 24 hours?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's not news. It's "ennertaynmunt". Hype and fluff on flash and flimflam. It's truly a measure of our decadence.

  17. Gavin Grayson

    I'm surprised...

    ... that the BBC could even spell the title correctly given the recent number of speeling mistooks in it's website news articles.

  18. jai

    re: I'm surprised...

    but you can't really complain - most of the articles here on the register are often spelt right, because they've at least run a spell checker past them, but it's the wrong word they've used. "to" instead of "too" and the like.

    for what it's worth - i like the new film's name. it's better than Die Another Day

  19. Louis


    Who cares what the public thinks of it -it's got everyone talking about it. At least they're getting away from 'James Bond: Pussy McHairy'-esque titles as well.

  20. Steven Hunter


    "A Particular Amount of Something That Gives Comfort"

  21. Rob Holmes

    Coma Equals Futon

    The anagram Coma Equals Futon actually makes more sence than Quantum of Solace.

    What in gods name does that even MEAN?!?

  22. Sub-Vulture II


    I refer you to the 9506507080 comments above explaining just that.

    Now I just have to decide whether to reject all the comments wherein your ass is handed to you for that. Hmm. Do I feel magnanimous today?

  23. Colin MacLean

    Rigging in the good old days...

    I remember the days before the Beeb website got too clever, back when it ignored multiple votes from the one IP address...

    You could go to one of their polls, tab over the most ridiculous alternative and then put your phone or any other heavy implement on your desk on the enter key. Quite easily racking up 5000 votes over a lunchbreak...

  24. DirkGently

    Other anagrams

    No Factual Mosque

    Unequal Foot Scam

    Safe Column Quota

    Quotes Of Anal... err.. The list goes on...

  25. Rob Holmes

    @ Sub-Vulture II

    Right, or indeed the one comment above with the "alternative title" as opposed to the, uh, NO comments which preceded it, and which, due to the Mods lax attitude, hadn't been approved and therefore was not visible when I posted the question.

    Although I dont expect this will get posted, but we'll see.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps Lester (The Tyrant) Haines

    Your article said:

    "Vulture Central are seriously out of whack with popular feeling. Hmmmm"

    Perhaps the majority of the people who commented were the people who didnt like it the title leaving the silent majority not to give two tugs of dead dogs ****.

    I personally have no issues with a Bond Movie being titled after a Flemming Story given that he invented Bond.

    A. Coward

    PS: Didnt you resign anyway over that donation, its hard to keep up these days. Then again i suppose Tyrants don't resign they just get "retired".

    P.P.S I tried hard with nemesis post / flame but my hearts just not in it, sorry.

  27. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Strange the last Bond film I went to see was with Peirce Brosnan after that and Sean Connery series the genre lost touch with the real world and just kept on getting like a bull with five legs and two heads walking in an endless circle of mediocrity in it's field of self made fertilizer !

    Alas well past the time for the old boy to bite the shark !

    Paris is chosen as she is an excellent example of some thing that should bite the shark too !

  28. Jesse

    Peanut Gallery

    After all of the negative comments I have read both on the Reg and elsewhere, there is NO TITLE that would appease these typical internet trolls.

    Get a life people. It's a movie. And, even if it truly had a pathetic name, I would still watch it just like most of you will.

  29. The Mighty Spang

    quantum of thuggery

    this new bloke looks like a bouncer, a thug in a dicky bow.

    bring back something we can aspire to please.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Something funny going on

    I looked at this yesterday, at which point the vote was firmly against. Since then the vote has swung the other way, possibly something to do with ~7000 votes vanishing.

    None of the BBC votes ever make sense anyway given they all seem to have the vote numbers shift up & down over time by large amounts varying the outcome, I guess the underlying system is thoroughly borked. Or someone adjusts the counts to get the 'right' results.

  31. Adam Craig

    same survey?

    the same survey on the bbc NEWS site was:

    55% +

    44% dud

  32. SoupDragon

    Rigged voting

    So they don't even need to be making money on premium rate phone lines to have pre-decided the result!

    At least the writers strike in America means that we get an interesting title, not something dumbed down to the nth degree - I happen to like it, and for all of the 'it doesn;t make sensers' out there sew your eyes back onto your teddies (better get an adult to help) - I believe that it was one of Fleming's titles anyway.

  33. dervheid

    @ anonymous coward

    Re: A Squat Colon Fume.

    Picked that because I felt it described the effect of the actual title. It's sh*t, it stinks!

    There are indeed much funnier ones.

  34. Paul Murray


    Surely "Soupçon of solace" would be better?

  35. Ian Dennison

    Stephen Hawking to sing the theme tune

    At least we know he is qualified.

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