back to article Is Oracle really the next Microsoft?

Freeform Dynamics The gobbling-up by Oracle of BEA, the last significantly-sized independent middleware vendor, is another sign of the trend we are seeing towards increasing consolidation in the IT industry. It leads to obvious questions about customer choice, disruption, and protection of investment that will sound very …


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  1. John Stag

    Not even close

    Call me when Oracle comes preinstalled on every PC...

  2. John Hanson

    Microsoft wants to be in the enterprise space, Oracle doesn't know how to be in the SME space

    BEA was probably being marginalized out of effective leadership in the space during the takeover. Its likley that Oracle and/or IBM are infringing on some of BEA's patents. BEA is not BizTalk, nor is the Oracle database Microsoft SQL Server. Perhaps the only people that have time to comment on this event are looking at it from the enterprise perspective.

    As an IT leader for a large corporation I would likely operate an Oracle database first and DB2 second. In the SME space I would select Microsoft SQL Server because this purchase would characterize support resources I can attract and afford.

    In the enterprise space I would couple world-class financials with specialized ERP systems that support my business. Oracle has world-class financials as does SAP. Microsoft has integrated ERPs and tools that do not have extensive word of mouth adoption in the enterprise space. But Microsoft does have a very good SME channel refined through the velocity and quantity of desktop, business and consumer technology marketing and delivery.

    SAP is having difficulty coming down-market, Oracle is not down-market except for perhaps JDE. Microsoft has the SME market covered but by no means is it dominating.

    Each Microsoft, Oracle,and IBM will look to isolate their clients through database and tools including BizTalk/BEA/WebSphere/. Oracle can win if they can package an offering for SMEs coupled with a 'lite' version of ERP.

    Oracle needs more consulting horsepower to compete with IBM and SAP, Microsoft needs more expertise in the sales and delivery of their ERPs, and IBM can continue to be themselves.

    Greatest opportunity of the next 5 years goes to Oracle. Microsoft will continue to have the largest impact and most consistent profitability and IBM will be IBM. Microsoft isn't ready to buy SAP and IBM can't (remember Sybase and PowerBuilder).

    Oracle should chew slowly and digest carefully and build their global brand in the applications space.

    There is plenty of room for innovation admittedly these areas are not clearly defined today.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Getting like MS..

    They're starting to get like MS in the enterprise area. They're starting to take the attitude that they only want to work with their apps - integrating or working with other vendors products is *strongly* discouraged.

    Whan to work with an e-mail system: It works with Oracle Collaberation Suite...

    What operating system to use ? Oracle DB works great on Oracle Linux. Solaris/SuSE/RedHat/Windows ? We don't really support those....

    Want developer tools ? Does anyone else make them ?

    Use a web server ? What's wrong with the one that comes with Oracle DB ?

    Want an LDAP directory ? We only work with our own.

    They are starting to scare me. Once you start using an Oracle product, you get strong armed to ditching all other vendors products and only use Oracles

  4. Drew Percival

    Oracle buys Sun Redhat and Microsoft buys SAP


  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    MS / SAP?

    What you mean that god-awful, rapacious, bloat-peddling, restrictive license addicted bunch of bastards are going to get bought out by MS?

  6. chris stephenson

    Apple is the next MS

    end of.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    in all seriousness

    Oracle could mess up a two car parade.

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