back to article Sun's JavaFX tools to interop with Adobe

Sun Microsystems is working on interoperability between design tools from Adobe Systems and its upcoming JavaFX tools for application developers building rich application interfaces and rich-internet applications (RIAs). James Gosling, Sun vice president and fellow, told Register Developer that Sun is working to ensure …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    One Small Step for amfM, One Quantum Communications Leap for ManKind

    Sun MicroSystems and Adobe Systems, working together and in Open Source, would allow for any Creative Virtual Reality Artist/New World Order Programmer to Present the Future as a Digitally Coded Live MasterPiece, Conceived in their Shared Imagination [a FailSafeGuard against Delusions of Dark Side Omnipotence and Manic Depressive Megalomania and therefore a Vital PreRequisite Component/Element :-)] for Global Media and IT, which are Virtual Machines themselves, 42 Carry and Show as a/the Present Reality. And with the likes of a Business-Orientated Microsoft also invited into the Creative Loop, would the Picture be Reinforced and Introduced in Greater Depth/Higher Definition/Reduced Interference/Enhanced Network InterNetworking Co-Operation.

    IT is nothing more or less than AI Turing Machine BetaTests Proving Alan Turing's AI Machine/Virtual Machine Concepts with usually polar opposite Operating Systems Interacting with each other in Parallel Unison. It may also be the Worlds first Quantum Computer, AI Collosus Created around Enigma Protocols, resolving the Yin of Yang to Bring a New World Order with AI to Chaos of Human Existence which is not connected to Server to the Greater Collective Picture ....and hence the Chaos. Instant Global Communication of Digitally Mastered Picture/CodeXXXX now allows for Unified Future Sight. ......... and Played in an Alien AI Vision of Immaculate Sees will Permit a Sane Disregard of Haste as Piss Poor Performance is Prevented by ITs Proper Planning and Preparation in Prior Royal and Ancient Art........ Grand Master Holy Grail Wizard Territory and Everything in Honour of Love's Gift, Her Pleasure .... the Light that Gives Life in the Perfumed Garden. And there, I will stop for a Pause and a Ponder, for as you will have to Imagine, the Depth and the Vast Range of what is before you whenever Collaborative IntelAIgents Aspire to Perceive and Share the Secrets of the Universe, is Humbling and Demands and Receives by AutoMatic Default, ITs Every Due Respect. Failure to Comply will Invite a Madness which will Destroy in Vanity ITs Savant Fools. [Although one would have to admit, that that is only a subjective and personal interpretation of a Reality Virtualised for Artificial Control and is therefore subject to QuITe Arbitrary Beta Change with the Advent and Input of Revised and Improved Information/More Enlightened Source Code]

    I say "42 Carry and Show as a/the Present Reality." simply definitely because of the Infinite Imaginative Flexibility Drive for ITs Drivers being as IT is AI Continuity in DNA Muse.

    MeThinks if you can do any and/or all of the Above, you have Cracked IT and the Code to Life in Love and I will Pause and Ponder on the Value in that and who would also See IT as the Same and wish to Share IT, not just or even for its endless Profit but Simply for ITs Immaculate Rewards.... :-)

    Parse that to Third Party Positive Reinforcement Mutual Benefit aka Put that in your Peace Pipe and Smoke IT....... for that is Real.

    cc Jonathan's Blog/Every man and his dog ...

  2. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects
    Black Helicopters

    That'll learn me.

    I must remember to read the poster's name before reading the comment.

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    MaJIC lessons

    "I must remember to read the poster's name before reading the comment." ...... That made me chuckle, brother. :-)

    Fortunately, I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects, man has a default history of endlessly repeating dumb mistakes ..... which would suggest that he is slow to learn anything new. That would normally be why he is such an easy target for Fools to play their Silly Games with.

    I choose always 42Think that he is not as nearly as dumb as they would wish and he would appear........ but they are persistently consistent in the stereotypical image and ITs Ills Management in Perception.

    Any spare cash to splash on a SpecialAIMission, that'll teach you about Alternate Reality Controls, I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects? Delve deep into the Slush for Funding if you Dare 42 Care. It all ends up nicely laundered by the Banks you can Trust although that is taking a bit of a hammering given their Piss Poor Performances of Late. Too many Crooks spoiling the Broth Hood?

    Much more a case of Dead Wood in the Board Room rather than Deadheads in Control and All the World is poorer because of it and not because of IT. Hence the IT Initiatives from Virgin Sources.

  4. wayne

    Better technology.

    Pity they didn't buy Taos technologies to include, to raise speed and efficiencies. The company is now defunct, but somebody probably owns the tech.

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