back to article Estonia fines man for DDoS attacks

Estonia has fined a local man a year's salary for involvement in last April's sustained denial of service attacks against the Baltic nation's critical internet systems. Dmitri Galushkevich, 20, of Tallinn, was fined 17,500 Estonian Krooni ($1,641) on Wednesday after he was found guilty of launching an assault on the website of …


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  1. Matt

    Act together!

    This is a British site covering a European story, why on earth isn't the fine reported in Euros, who cares how man dollars it was!

    Besides which the dollar is falling so fast you'd need a dynamic update!

  2. Alan Davies

    Manual conversion

    $1,641 is roughly £20.

  3. Neil Woolford

    Or around...

    30€. Assuming no one else has beaten me to that obvious one...

  4. MondoMan

    To clarify...

    The conflict was about moving (not removing) a single memorial.

  5. kain preacher


    This is a British site covering a European story, why on earth isn't the fine reported in Euros, who cares how man dollars it was!

    because the dollar is more important.

    Why yes thats a nomex suit I have on. Grabs flak jacket and Kevlar hat. Calls for taxi

  6. Andy Bright

    re: Manual conversion and Or around

    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous, and your 'conversions' remind me of the time I tried to use toy money to buy an ice cream as a child.

    US Dollars may look more realistic than the pretend money I tried to use back then, but I'm sure you could much more than a mere $1641 for 20 quid. Shit, even the choco coins I sent my nephew and niece for Christmas only cost a fiver between them.

    I suppose it all comes down to whether you want something you can play with or sweets. And if I know British kids, they'll take the sweets every time.

  7. tony trolle

    dollar or pounds.....

    who cares did you see the 'years wages' no wonder they are running away form the country. BTW house prices are cheaper.

  8. Stuart Van Onselen

    @kain preacher

    "WAS more important", my good man, not "is". Are you living in the past? ;-)

  9. Taimo Kolsar

    Local knowledge would help

    1 € = 15.64664 Estonian Kroons... which makes it € 1,118.45.

    Today's £ rate is 20.9681, so the fine is equal to £ 834.60.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Caution - flamebait

    one of google's more useful features:

    Google for: 17500EEK in eur

    get Taimo's result.

    @Matt - I fully agree. And when the Brits finally see the light and get the Euro, we can scrap yet another conversion.

    Anonymous frequent traveller who thinks the Euro is one of the best things since sliced bread

  11. Paul Johnston

    Comment from one of the sites affected

    No mention of the fine here !

    Nice video of the culprit :-)


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