back to article eBay's CEO throws in the three kitchen towels in a jute bag - $4.99

Ten years of hawking Britney Spears' used undies and Hummel figurines proved enough for Meg Whitman. The eBay CEO today announced her departure plans, as her company dished out solid fourth quarter figures. Whitman will give up the CEO post at the end of March but remain on the board. John Donahoe, current president of eBay …


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  1. Herby

    Price a bit low...

    According to my research, the price for a Jute bag is $8.49 and three kitchen towels is $6.00 for a total of $14.49 (price does not include shipping). A bit more than the $4.99 suggested.

    Of course this may reflect the recent Fed interest rate drop of .75%

    Then again, Meg has a dollar or two to spare.

  2. b166er

    Call Centre

    Perhaps they will now be able to 'afford' a call centre and a customer service policy

  3. Robert Ramsay

    This quarter's special offer...

    $9 billion, but to you, $8.5!

  4. Jamtits

    Rats leaving a sinking ship

    I expect to see a lot more CEO's/high ups deciding now is a good time to retire.

  5. Tom

    Fewer new users, no surprise really...

    when there seems to be more and more thieves subscribing to eBay.

    They won't get much custom from me now, if at all, as they never compensated for the camera kit that got stolen from me via their system. All fault of someone else's inability to maintain a secure password to their eBay and PayPal accounts. Left me out of pocket, sure, but at least eBay are okay. The rotten stinkers.

    Really, who would want to deal with a company like that!

  6. Ian Ferguson
    Thumb Down

    What about fraud?

    If they gave a rat's ass about combating fraud, maybe I'd start using eBay again. As it is, all they want is more auctions going on, because it means more fees for them - who cares what percentage are fraudulent.

    It's a shame; there are plenty of things that I'd happily buy and sell online on the second hand market, but as it is I've gone back to buying stuff new and giving old things away for free through Freecycle; I'm not going to save or make money, but at least I won't be conned.

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