back to article Star Trek XI teaser trailer beams onto web

A teaser trailer for much-anticipated new Star Trek film has finally found its way onto the web. Directed by JJ Abrams - the man behind Lost and more recently, the mysterious and virally marketed Cloverfield - Star Trek XI will detail the early days of James T Kirk and his crew and will chronologically sit after the TV series …


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  1. Brian
    Thumb Up


    Bring it! :-D

  2. Sterling Udell


    ...for posting this on Reg Hardware!

  3. Michael Jolly

    beam me up..

    its so .. dirty when was the future dirty?

  4. James
    Dead Vulture

    Odd Numbered Trek Films

    Stink. This one doesn't look like its going to break the trend.

  5. android

    of course...

    ... it could still suck donkey balls...

    btw wrath of khan was the best one

    (quickly zips up astebos suit)

  6. Craig Roberts

    Simon Pegg...

    ... I couldn't care less whether his accent was authentic or not - I'd pay good money to watch the man read out his shopping list...

  7. James Smith
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    Oh Goody

    Nothing quite like a good star trek movie :)

    I shall be dragging the missus along to watch this one. Revenge time, I was forced to endure Pride and Prejudice.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    If that really is the future...

    Surely the Enterprise should be shown being constructed in a Chinese, Indian, or S.Korean space dock?

  9. Michael Jolly

    Re:If that really is the future...

    Just to be a star trek fan for a moment the Enterprise was constructed according to its dedication Plaques at San Francisco yards

  10. Horridbloke


    In the future the Chinese, Indians and S.Koreans own the world and outsource the dirty low-paid dangerous work to Western nations. Fair turnabout.

  11. Gavin Johnstone

    Not a Space Dock

    That's not a space dock! It's the shipyards in San Fransico.

    Unless they're re-writing the whole lot - plus Kirk takes command of the ship some 20 years after it's maiden voyage.

    Roll on the rest of the geeks...

  12. Anonymous Coward


    ...will the Klingons look like this time? Little Chinese/Mongoloid men from the original series or the beasts from TNG onwards.

    Before you answer remember your ST history, and the inconsistent piffle that it is the Star Trek universe. WhyTF didn't they hire consistancy checkers?

    I may watch this but the very, very first hint of 20th/21st century Political Correctness, inconsistancy or any un-Science Fiction "let's play baseball on the holodeck for this full episode" nonsense, I am am out of there faster than you can say "what a lot of bollocks"

  13. Eponymous Cowherd
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    Scotty's accent

    ***"and for a moment we forget that Simon Pegg couldn't even do an authentic American accent in Band of Brothers so how on Earth is he going to take on a thick Lowland Scottish accent..."***

    And, for a moment, we forget that James Doohan's Scottish accent wasn't exactly authentic.

    If Pegg's faux Scottish accent matches Doohan's faux Scottish then consistency is preserved......

  14. Les Matthew
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    @ android

    "... it could still suck donkey balls...

    btw wrath of khan was the best one

    (quickly zips up astebos suit)"

    Displaying two different types of suicidal tendency in a short three line post must surely be a record. ;)

  15. Gildas

    JJ Abrams...

    has a host of 2nd rate US TV shows and MI 3 to his credit. Oh dear...

  16. Paul F
    Thumb Down

    Ret-con galore.

    Don't mess with TOS.

    Not looking forward to this at all.

    /old school Trekkie.

  17. Andrew Bolton

    Spock's Mum was human...

    So they're getting Winona Ryder to play her. Because, you know, if Spock's Mum was Vulcan, they'd have had to get a Vulcan to play her :-)


  18. Iain

    Re: odd-numbered Trek

    They broke the "even = any good whatsoever" meme with the last Trek, so maybe this one can avoid the "odd = rubbish" one?

  19. Rick

    who do i need to talk to to get that last minute and 30 back

    ok that trailer was a total waste of my life. who do i have to beat to get that time back...

  20. Stu

    Oh dear - re-font-ing

    Notice the lettering on the dish section, they've changed the lettering font.

    Oh dear, a Thunderbirds (Jonathan Frakes dir.) remake here we come.

    If they change the shape of the Enterprise to make it more 'noughties' - my letter of disgust goes straight off to Abrams!

    Next we'll see certain 60s actor mimmicking the likes not seen since the god awful New-Voyages (google it) remakes. It will never look right having Kirk played by somebody else, even if done well - you'll see, it's just awkward and embarassing.

    I for one have yet to be wow'd by all this.

  21. Matthew
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    This'll be rubbish

    ST fans won't stand the entire story being rewritten and all the previous TV shows and films being ignored.

  22. Tetsugaku-San

    All else aside....

    There's one very good reason for fans to be optimistic - they have stuck with the original design or the Enterprise, the Pre re-fit constitution class (frankly an ugly ship!) when they could have gone all over the place.

    I'll go see it in the cinema regardless ;)

  23. jim

    If you want more Startrek...

    Why wait till December to see new Startrek. Checkout this Startrek/

    Starwars fan film me and a couple of mates made last year. It's certainly better than "Nemesis", although not as good as "Wrath of khan". We have Klingons in our film and they look like Beasts.

    If you don't like Startrek, flame away and I'll get my coat and Beam my ass back to the mother ship.

  24. Jason Harvey
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    Re: Oh Goody

    heh... I'll probably get dragged to see this one by the missus.

    she grew up watching ALL the treks with her father. she's actually more into star trek than I am. works well for me!

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Oh dear - re-font-ing

    So you're OK with a different actor playing Kirk, but they use a different frickin' font and you're up in arms?!!?!?!?!!!




    (PH for, y'know, obvious reasons)

  26. MD Rackham

    Space dock?

    It better not be in a space dock, or they have some 'splainin to do about those welding sparks falling, almost as if they're in a gravitational field.

    And they're wearing space suits, but in a hard vacuum you wouldn't see welding sparks like that because there's no oxygen to cause the sparks to burn (oxidize).

    But, even with an incorrect font (hey, at least it isn't Trajan) I'm sure I'll go see it. Hell, I paid to see Nemesis even after I'd been warned off.

  27. Stephen

    @Space dock?

    Don't we all want Comic Sans with drop shadows?

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Can't wait

    I'm literally nursing a semi based on the trailer alone...

    As to all the "it's not in the San Fransisco dock", everyone knows that teaser trailers contain next to none of the actual film material.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down's as if the Russians never existed...

    Hello, it wasn't the Americans who made the only major expeditions into space, y'know?

    "The eyes of the world now look into Space" (JFK)

    "Godspeed, John Glenn"

    "The Eagle has landed"

    "Just one small step for man..."

    Not even a beep from Sputnik, ffs. :rolleyes:

  30. BoldMan


    Well of course if you included European contribution to space exploration history it would be...

    ... nice firework display, shame about the payload...

  31. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Sadly as always due to the sheer number of trekkies even a dog of a movie will boom at the box office and go onto sell a gazillion Dvd's , Blue crap or any other high def format you choose !

    Ah I can just see Paris rolling her eyes at this turkey !

    But when are we getting a "Lindsay Lohan" replacement icon ? :)

  32. George Madison

    Sheer Crap

    What the Trek franchise needs is some ONE at the helm who understands and loves it - and for more than the few minutes preceeding the press release announcing the hire.

    Someone who can prove they've been a fan for at least 10 years or more would be a start.

    Boutique directors who are going to try and turn Trek into something else are a terrible sign. Rehashing the past is foolish; it turns into an absolute nightmare of retconning and timeline management.

    I suspect this film will wind up being hated even more than Star Trek Nemesis - and that's saying something.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    The geek in me...

    ... feels obliged to question, why do the warp nessels have what looks like an air turbine at the front? Not only that, spinning the wrong way??

  34. Andy Worth

    Wait for TV....

    Personally I won't even rent it, when it appears on one of the movie channels I might waste a couple of hours of my life watching it, but that's all they'll get from me.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Quote: "Well of course if you included European contribution to space exploration history it would be...

    ... nice firework display, shame about the payload..."

    You seem to be ignoring the fact that the USA had to 'hire' a German Nazi to get their space program off the ground.

  36. call me scruffy
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    As if ST:X wasn't bad enough...

    They've now making us wait nearly a WHOLE DAMN YEAR for ST:-1

    Although cannon states that this version of the ship was built at the San Fransisco yards, it's always been taken that the yard was in orbit in the nearest slot of the clarke belt, rather than actually on the ground.

    On the plus side, this can't be any worse than Nemesis. (And since Terrorists are evil these days, there's no way they'd ever get a budget to make a DS9 movie!)

  37. Tim Lane

    I heard Lindsey Lohan will be in this...

    She plays Picard after an accident in the transporter involving some chronoton particals and a lot of Oestrogen.

    Seriously, I will be watching this when it comes out, I can't believe Star Trek fans are fussing about continuity, its Sci Fi, there doesn't need to be continuity as everything can be explained by quantum singularities and parallel universes.

    I mean why is it that in Undiscoverred Country it is the Excelsior that is tracking Gasious Anomolies at the start of the film and the Enterprise that is carrying the equipment to do so at the end?

  38. Anonymous Coward

    @Tim Lane

    Because the Excelsior wasn't the only ship involved in the survey?

    (I hate myself so much for havng wasted an entire day of my addolesence reading the ST:VI novelisation and finding that out.)

  39. Jeff Dickey


    The good news is that, with any luck at all, the movie will go soup to nuts without Braga and Berman ever having been in any way associated with it. That in and of itself raises it above the last few movies.

    The bad news is that everybody knows you should never say "it can't possibly get any worse"; the Great Bird of the Galaxy shites mightily upon those who so presume.

    This will probably be better than ST:TMP, possibly even as good as Generations. I'm not holding my breath for it to get any better than that - especially after seeing Cloverfield.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    @Jeff Dickey

    No Braga? Can you promise? Do you cross your heart and hope to die? Do you swear on your uplink's lifespan?

    Please oh please oh please, bragga is the single worst thing ever to happen to ST since, ever.

  41. Joel
    Thumb Up


    If the music is half as good as the soundtrack from First Contact I will be happy to sit through it with my eyes closed :)

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