back to article Couple sue over Shanghai metro snog vid

A rather hacked-off Chinese couple is suing the operator of the Shanghai metro after CCTV footage of them indulging in some light snogging was uploaded onto YouTube: The vid, shot in September, became an instant hit last week after popping up on the web. China Daily explains: "A mocking voice can be heard in the background …


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  1. Steve

    Harsh punishments

    The Chinese normally mean it, too. They executed the head of their food and drug watchdog because of corruption.

    Over here that would net you early retirement with a healthy pay-off.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    "severe punishment"

    Eek, given the Chinese record for um, human rights abuses, that could be severe indeed!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good on them

    I hope they win, people are entitled to a bit of privacy and not to be splattered all over the web (despite what uk police may think)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes you wonder...

    ... What people do with CCTV footage over here.

    Particularly given the SIA's recent scandal over not checking whether their operatives are entitled to work in the UK or not.

  5. Rick

    severe flogging

    or severe snogging?? you decide....

  6. ed

    @Stu Reeves

    Well, it's better than being splattered all over the train, as the UK police are likely to do...

  7. Bob

    We're safe in the UK...

    our government would never put anything inappropriate posted on the net...they can't hang onto it long enough <_<

  8. Eddie Edwards


    Yes, we all expect privacy when we go out in public, don't we?

  9. Ishkandar
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    Be fair, guys

    They might be Chinese athletes practicing their secret moves for the Olympics. Now their secret is out, they may lose their event and be punished by being sent for re-education with the London Underground !!

    I'd give her a 10 for effort and a 9 for location !!

  10. Phil
    Thumb Up

    Lucky bloke

    She's a bit of a hottie

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Privacy?

    "Yes, we all expect privacy when we go out in public, don't we?"

    There's a difference between being observed while out in public and having your actions recorded and broadcast to millions of people around the world. And having comments posted about them.

    Who watches the watchmen?

  12. Law
    Paris Hilton


    I've seen better stuff on the interwebs... the paris icon, well, just because! ;)

  13. W

    @ Eddie Edwards Re: "Privacy?"

    "Yes, we all expect privacy when we go out in public, don't we?"

    Yes. Yes we rightfully expect "a bit of privacy and not to be splattered all over the web" (which is what Stu said in the first instance). We rightfully expect not to have our random moments digitally rendered in the public domain unless commiting an offence.

    It's a sad day indeed when you can't give your sweetheart a loving kiss goodbye without being mocked for it on a worldwide platform.

    I suspect that you'd change your tune if a clip of you scratching your hairy arse whilst waiting for the bus (or whatever) were to be subjected to a voicover, subsequently turning you into a minor YouTube celebrity accompanied by the baggage of grief that can often come with unsolicited minor levels of 'fame'. For all your colleagues to see.

    [Icon is for all you young lovers out there...]

  14. Spleen

    Hope they win

    There is a difference between snogging in public, in front of people you don't know but are comfortable with being in an enclosed space with, and snogging on Internet video for the entire world to see, There are more than two levels of privacy. A gym is a public place as well, but if someone started taking pictures of sweaty cleavage and buttocks you'd still expect them to be thrown out at the very least.

    If someone started filming me in a train, I'd ask them what the hell they were doing. If they were filming me in the act of kissing someone or something similarly intimate, I wouldn't bother asking questions, I'd just lamp them, since I already know the answer. Which is "I'm a disgusting bottom-feeding pervert who thinks that because I have no private life worth thinking about, nor should anyone else". The fact that it was done via CCTV adds Kafkaesque helplessness to an already sick situation.

    If the Chinese catch the dreck responsible and string him up, it'll take some deep breathing and long meditation on the evils of an unaccountable and corrupt government having the power of life and death over individual citizens before I feel even the smallest smidgeon of sympathy.

  15. Glenn Alexander
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    Jealous Geeks

    Your average geek (myself included apparently :-( ) hasn't a hope in hades of getting such lovin' themselves, so of course they are going to post derogatory comments on U-bend about those who do!

  16. Slaine
    Black Helicopters

    Another "Hope They Win" vote

    A private moment of intimacy shared by two people is not a legitimate target for interwebnet upload. Hardcore sloppy invasions between groups of paid actors/actresses, on the other hand, is quite fine. The perpitrator is a voyeur, a nasty piece of flotsam in society and yes, the harsher the punishment met out in this instance, the better: unless of course the perp is his wife; or her husband.

    Mmmm - a fate worse than a fate worse than death... that's pretty nasty.

  17. Russell Preece
    Thumb Down

    Good one Register...

    ...perpetuate the poor couple's lack of privacy!

  18. Ishkandar

    @Russell Preece

    There is no such thing as "a little bit pregnant". Once that clip is out on the web, it does not matter whether 2 million or 2 billion people watched it !! El Reg is just carrying on its journalistic function as best it can !!

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