back to article Yahoo! readies! jobs! purge?

Yahoo! is reportedly gearing up to sack up to 20 per cent of its worldwide staff in the next two weeks. It currently has about 12,000 employees. Multiple tips doing the rounds say a list of between 1,500 and 2,500 individuals has been drawn up for the cutbacks. Investors have long been clamouring for lay-offs, even before …


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  1. Phantom Wibbler

    The Problem with Yahoo! that it's crap.

    It's trying to be too many things to too many people. They need to concentrate on what they are good at, though I'm not sure what that is anymore.

    Yahoo mail used to be pretty good, but the new mail is way too slow. (I'm dreading the day that the old mail interface is culled.)

    Oh Well!!!!!!!

  2. Robin

    Re: The Problem with Yahoo!

    And also that they spend money on useless stuff like Yahoo Pipes. Where's the value to Yahoo in that? Compare that to Google Maps....

  3. Not That Andrew

    Slow? It's craptactular

    If anything its worse than the new Windows! Live! Hotmail! interface (if such a thing is humanly possible).

  4. Chris
    Paris Hilton

    Yahoo vs Live Mail

    YOu lot are over reacting!

    Yes the new mail interface is a bit slow to download but tis not slower then Microsofts one... that one takes eons!

    Ph factor this discussion is even below Paris her level!

  5. plastical

    Mountain? Understatement

    @Chris: Come on. Why, just why, would any sane person even attempt to use webmail, let alone Yahoo! Crap! Maybe! Mail! If! We! Feel! Like! It! Today! (a.k.a. if we've had more than 1 search hit)

    @Robin: Why do they spend money on stuff like that? To look like google. Being a google evangelist, it's hard to say google does some trivial stuff, but they do. So what is the converstaion like in the boardroom?

    A: Hey! I! Think! We! Should! Get! Better! At! This! Whole! Search! Thing!

    B: How?!

    A: Copy! Google!

    *b codes yahoo pipes*

    A: That's! Our! Work! For! This! Year!

    B: YAHOO! Our! Share! Prices! Will! Go! Up! [sic]

    A: Yay!


    You make a good point about being crap. Especially concentrating on what they're good at; fortunately, when they do this, they will close all of the uneffective parts of the business. They will fire 100% of the staff.

    And @Chirs: Mountain? I think Mars Mountain would be a little more accurate.

    (I heard it rained yesterday. Muddy mountains are hard to climb. Especially if you're bright yellow and could list more names for useless products than the searches for them with said engine actually return)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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