back to article RIAA wiped off the net

A lack of security controls allowed hackers to "wipe" the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) website on Sunday. The existence of an SQL injection attack on the RIAA's site came to light via social network news site Reddit. Soon after hackers were making merry, turning the site into a blank slate, among other …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Darn ebaumsworld how could they do such things to such a great religion!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I spent...

    ...almost a second trying to see if I felt sorry for 'em.

    Couldn't do it.

    The Skull & Crossbones icon because.... well, just because.

  3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects
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    Nice going but no cigar.

    Instead of wiping the server, they should have inserted a few famous names. Not too many but enough to seed allegations of whatever.

  4. Anonymous John

    Oh dear

    What a pity.

    Never mind.

  5. Alan Davies

    I think this deserves a


  6. Anonymous Coward

    Dear Hacker.....

    can you fix it so I can download <insert artist> latest ablum from their website free of change


  7. James Pickett

    Hard not to smile

    I tried, really!

    the RIAssA site seems to be working again, but just about every link is to do with copyright, security and parental responsibility. Bugger all about Recording...

  8. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    Don't know if that's related but

    The head of the Russian equivalent of RIAA (which was also in a cosy relationship with the real RIAA) has been killed last weekend in Moscow. Hit on the head with an iron rod, apparently. RIP.

    Link to the Russian Phonographic Ass. (in Russian) here:

  9. Adam Foxton

    Can't help thinking

    of jokes about "Hackers Wipe Ass. Off 'Net". Not a nice image...

    @Specificprojects: That'd be fantastic. "Bono declares Spice Girls greatest band ever!" "Britney Spears declares undying love for yodelling" "Bon Jovi lays partner down on bed of roses; sued due to severe lacerations"

    Not that there is anything substantial about recordings.

    Bunch of lardasses and asshats, the lot of them!

  10. Dan P

    @ I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    "Instead of wiping the server, they should have inserted a few famous names. Not too many but enough to seed allegations of whatever."

    Nice, but I think filling the server to capacity with unauthorised copies of music tracks in the form of DRM-less mp3 format, sharing the drive on the net (or just making the drive root the web root) and then seeding a few search engines would've worked a little more tactlessly. I wonder whether they'd actually go as far as to sue themselves. I have a feeling they probably would, based on past experience.

  11. James Snowsill

    Free downloading

    How about doing something subtle - like inserting a press release stating that their members had decided that, as of the issue date of the press release, they would allow private peer-to-peer sharing of music tracks in mp3 format.

    It would at least have made life more difficult for them in the courts!

  12. Luke Wells
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    A big thumbs up to those respsonsible.

    Let's hope they don't leave it too long this time till it gets hacked again :)

  13. Mectron
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    Not the right medium

    it is the physical form of the criminal organisation that must be destroy, not the website. RIAA and his sister in crime the MPAA need to be prevented from operating my any means. If the USA does not have the guts to shutdown those 2 openly criminal organisations some else must do it.

    The RIAA operate an illegal website. .org domain are for non profit organisation. the RIAA is not... so why is this illegal website (RIAA.ORG) is still allowed to operate illegally?

  14. Sean Ellis
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    One of the things that the RIAA is trying to claim is that the Internet is a lawless series of tubes, where piracy and hijacking reign supreme, and that therefore any transfer of music should be tracked, chipped, licensed, tagged and accompanied by security guards with big dogs and CS gas.

    This just gives them more ammo. They can point to their website and say: "See! See! Look there! This is what happens if you are a protection^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H legitimate business trying to extort^H^H^H^H^H^H make an honest buck amongst the lefty-commie-pinko-libertarian-lawless-punks on the interweb. Vote for our laws requiring online transfers be tracked, chipped, yada yada, or the same will happen to you!"

    Groklaw shows how to do it. Massive, in-your-face, legally unimpeachable spotlight-shining.

  15. Nathan Williams

    @ Mectron

    .org is not specifically for non-profit organizations (though it is commonly associated with them). The .org gTLD was originally intended for any organization that didn't fit under one of the other categories.

    As there is no ".criminals" TLD, .org is the best place for the RIAA at this time.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Hacking the RIAA web site only makes them right. Hacking their web site only helps reinforce the idea that downloaders are criminals. Trying to imply an act of criminality is some kind of moral victory over the RIAA is just playing into their hands. The RIAA might indeed be an utterly reprehensible organisation but then so are the all the freeloaders who think they should get music for nothing. Both sets of people are grubby little men who think that the artists should get nothing out of music. I don't see any distinction in moral terms between the RIAA and the file sharers, neither want to pay fair shares to anyone.

  17. Justin
    Black Helicopters

    That's not what .org is about

    Mectron said: "The RIAA operate an illegal website. .org domain are for non profit organisation. the RIAA is not... so why is this illegal website (RIAA.ORG) is still allowed to operate illegally?"

    First and foremost, .org was never exclusively for non-profit organizations--simply for organizations that did not fit into other categories or TLDs. Secondly, it was not "illegal" as it was not against the law--it was only against IANA/ICANN rules, which are not laws. Thirdly, .org is no longer restricted: anyone can register a .org domain.

    If we're going to disagree with people like the RIAA, let's at least do so using facts, not spurious accusations.

  18. heystoopid


    Now if these hackers really wanted to do the public a true service , what they should have done instead of taking them down revamp the site to provide a complete list of names addresses all telephone numbers , social security numbers and full banking details of all the senior members and staff at the same time !

    Now that would have really fed a very bad dose of rat poison to this den of parasites and vampires who have been feeding off the talented artists and the public at large since the recording industry obtained the ability reproduce music so that it could be heard anywhere outside a concert hall for at least the last one hundred years !

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    lol - to think this was done for anything other then for the "lulz" is just retarded.

    Some guys found a flaw, they told some other guys, and anonymous performed some lulz.

    I think the link about the scientology event says it all

  20. Andy Worth


    What they SHOULD have done is to stick a few songs available for download from the site (on some obscure page) and then threatened to take the RIAA to court. After all, to them it seems no proof of guilt is needed - the fact the songs are there is proof enough. Rather like they tried to extort money from that woman for sharing gangster rap (can't remember the name, but the one that wasn't guilty, not the one who was).

    Fact is that by their own standards, if the website was hacked and songs uploaded and shared through it, then it was the fault of their own negligence and ergo their responsibility :)

  21. James Cleveland

    Re: Now

    Well that would be highly illegal. They were just having a bit of fun. Nothing illegal about visiting the URL - I expect most of the hits on those URLs were people simply visiting links given to them by friends.

    I don't think anyone could get sued or prosecuted over this. Its just too hard to prove malicious intent.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Scientology digs

    I don't know why everyone feels free to scoff at Scientology. They're no wackier than any other religion. Is the judeochristoislamic invisible-sky-daddy really any weirder or better tempered than Xenu?

    I'll get me coat.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Missed Opportunity

    They missed an opportunity to convert RIAA's site into an MP3 host, or even funnier would've been if they cloned Yahoo or some other popular site so every access just looked like a client DNS error not a wiped and redone 'site.

  24. J

    @Scientology digs

    "They're no wackier than any other religion."

    They are sure all bad enough, but I'd say the Scientologists are even wackier (and specially more corrupt) than those you mentioned -- actually, more than almost anything I've ever heard...

    Pic of Xenu, courtesy of Hubbard himself.

    Oh, well, El Reg will probably delete this before they sue the site (watched the South Park episode?)...

  25. Bill Cumming

    Which is worse?

    RIAA = You take things You enjoy it, they Sue and take all your money!

    C0$ = They take all your money you enjoy it, you take things from them then they Sue you!

    Xenu icon cause it looks like Cruse....

  26. Maksim Rukov

    covert to Prince Fan Site

    They should've converted the RIAA site into a fan site for the Artist-Formerly-Known-as-Prince.

    As we all know, Prince is very "proactive" about protecting his property.

    Just imagine, Prince's lawyers lining up against RIAA lawyers. Scary stuff!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    @@Scientology digs

    "They are sure all bad enough, but I'd say the Scientologists are even wackier"

    Come now - the difference between the polished turd of the holy see, the glistening crap of the Imams and the shiny cow pat of Ron's is surely negligible?

    Anonymous (first time ever), cos I ain't THAT dumb.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Scientology under attack

    There seems to be an ongoing epic battle between underground groups and the Church of Scientology, since Jan 18. The Scientology websites are currently up and down like a glacial yoyo.

    press release at:

    Started in USA. Apparently the Russians are on board now.

    This could be the first time such a range of groups from around the world have united in an attack on a website/entity.

  29. Steven Foster
    Thumb Down


    It saddens me to see such viscious attacks against two organisations that are only here to make people's lives better.

    Oh wait...

  30. Tony Barnes

    Ho he hum

    I feel for the guys, 'cos at the end of the day they are only "doing their job" - but damn that's funny.

    Given the way they're making the community feel, I doubt this is the last time something will happen to them, hopefully in the future it will be something more comically incriminating, such as the .mp3 ideas...

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I love the idea of members of anonymous O.o that kind of completly defeats the purpose. Here's your anonymous membership card, id number 72341 Long Cat Division.

    It looks to have started at 711, then the partyvan turned up, it went round all of anon's homes and yelled "yo hommies we're off to bellair" I believe the license plate may have said fresh and that there was a dice in the mirror.

    As to frist time, lol.

  32. Daniel Silver badge

    @Bill Cumming

    ROFL - Co$! Laughed my ass off when i saw that abbreviation....

  33. Ishkandar


    @Nathan Williams - ...why don't we give them a new one - .cia, for instance !!

  34. TrishaD


    I'm sure we're all wonderful libertarian people on here and of course not one of us earns our crust by working for nasty capitalist organisations like the RIAA.

    No of course we dont.

    First it was weekend hippies, then part time punks....

    Now we're all virtual cyber activists.....

    Cynical, moi?

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    you know

    Scientologists really do have one up on almost any other cult ever invented

    I mean you can tell this toss was written by a bad pul science fiction writer, lensmen was better.

    Anyway if you can find the partyvan jump on board. If nothing else it's fun to watch, sod the irrelivance of the RIAA they'll implode when the recession comes anyway.

  36. Mike


    "Hacking the RIAA web site only makes them right. Hacking their web site only helps reinforce the idea that downloaders are criminals. Trying to imply an act of criminality is some kind of moral victory over the RIAA is just playing into their hands."

    Kinda like saying that even though the Nazis are gassing all your friends, shooting them in the head is still murder. Well, it may be, but I'll take that up with the invisible-sky-farrie next time we speak. Acting in a "criminal" manner to achieve a moral victory is sometimes acceptable (especially against the RIAA). I sure that was said better, by someone more famous than I, but the point is still valid. Make the bad men go away.

    (No A.C. here)

  37. Richard Sunbury
    Thumb Up

    My two cents.

    Let's see, where do I start.

    First, as much as I hate the RIAA, comparing them to the NAZIS is a straw man argument.

    Second, while I do love the subtle attacks, nothing will change until people stop chatting about this stuff on websites and start bashing their elected representatives around to change things (yes, being a yank I don't have a lot of room to talk but I will anyway).

    Lastly, the Church of Scientology is pretty freaky, but they don't make you join and don't charge you under the threat of litigation for believing in a religion, so I really don't see why they should be pulled in. We want to focus on the real Satan's of the world like the RIAA.

    Just my two cents, thanks for reading this.

  38. Neil Young

    Comparing them to Nazis...

    ...also breaks the Godwin rule...!

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