back to article Bono's tech fund linked to Sheffield United desire

Elevation Partners, the Silicon Valley private equity outfit backed by Pope-bothering U2 frontman Bono, is eyeing a stake in FA Championship obscurists Sheffield United, it's claimed. A report in Friday's Yorkshire Post said that the billion-dollar fund came to the Steel City this month for talks with club representatives. …


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  1. Dan

    Altogether now ...


  2. Jason Law

    One word...


  3. Steen Hive
    IT Angle


    The 3 most boring things in the known universe in one article - football, the pope & his bononess.

    The fund being based in Silicon Valley provides an IT angle?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps if...

    ...they'd spent the money on players in the summer instead of lawyers tasked with suing West Ham 'cos they didn't lose as many games as The Blades, they'd not be needing handouts from the Bono brigade!

    Mind, Sheffield probably qualifies as the third world, so I suppose it's fitting.

  5. Damian Gabriel Moran

    why not

    our government is doing it for northern rock!

  6. Rich
    Thumb Down

    Rule #1

    If a companies management shows an interest in fitba, sell all your stock.

    Robert Maxwell is but one of the many who have proved the truth of this.

    Isn't the reason for a certian distrust of Bono that, in between lecturing us on the need for a social conscience, he fiddles his taxes?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @ Chris

    Nah then, is ter awreet?

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