back to article Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia

The German authorities have packed off a violent 16-year-old youth to fend for himself in a remote Siberian village in the hope the "intensive educational experience" will cure him of his anti-social tendencies. The unnamed lad, from the central state of Hesse, was given his marching orders after "behaving violently in school …


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  1. Richard Joos

    Thats not correct...

    ...but made up by one of the german tabloids. Fact is, that there is a programme for "difficult" youngsters with courses abroad, e.g. in sibiria. Thats not a bootcamp at all, neither is he "sent there", the participation is voluntary and has to be choosen by the participiant as well as his parents.

  2. lucmars

    Not a good idea

    This kid will become more fierce.

  3. supermeerkat

    It's a shame the UK authorities can't do the same

    for those little bastards that roam the streets of Manchester. I would gladly assist the government by paying for the airfare of the vermin that mugged me in December 2007.

  4. Anton Ivanov

    WTF are they paying that much for

    I smell a scam.

    Someone in Russia is making a very tidy profit. Are they shipping him there first class or what? Russian railway ticket 3rd class along with lodging in a Siberian A-frame cannot cost that much.

    Otherwise the idea does not sound that bad.

    Thinking about it, UK has plenty of wonderful islands off the coast of Scotland...

    While the Scots in Downing street does not seem to approve of anything Russian for our neer-do-wells, surely, they should have nothing against some Orkney weather treatment.

  5. Dan

    Fantastic idea

    Are you listening,

  6. Drum D.
    Paris Hilton


    I'd like to add the since as***le Koch became president of the wonderful state of Hesse the rate of crime commited by under 21s has rissen by 68% compared to the rest of Germany where the number is about 28%.

    The problem is, that on the upcoming election (27th January) as***le Koch will lose a few votes but not enough to lose his office, which underlines the proverb that "every people gets the politicians it earns".

    PH because she will vote for politicians as well as intelligent as herself.

  7. StillNoCouch

    On the fence on this one

    Of course, Russian soil isn't that popular of a tourist destination these days for Germans. I think it has something to do with their last mass-visit in the 1940's.

  8. Tawakalna

    and it'll teach him a useful trade too...

    ..extracting large quantities of natural food seasoning from geological strata? or if he's lucky, he might win the Crazy Pravda Bingo jackpot and become a potato millionaire, earning 10,000 potatoes a day in interest alone. Or perhaps he might be even luckier and get to live in one of the towns where bread is made of less than 99% sawdust.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Well, you'd be welcome to try shipping them up here, see how far you get!

    Anyhow, we've got too many shitebags up here as it is; why do you think we export them?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new....

    The Brits did this hundreds of years ago. The location was called America and Australia !

  11. gfs

    Not Fair

    Personally I think this is not fair, I would love to spend a couple of months only having to fend for myself in a wilderness, flights paid for by the state, Kyrgyzstan is beautiful.

  12. Paul C. Hartley
    Thumb Up

    Actually that is a bloody good idea

    While the UK dabbled in sending our ner do wells on package holidays to africa the idea is still sound, we just sent them north and not south.

    Why not send them to some god forsaken island up in the Orkneys or just south of the arctic circle where it starts to get dark just after lunch, the sheep outnumber the locals who all seam to be related to each other in some shape or form (which incidentally gives them their distinctive shape and form), its at least a three hour sea voyage from civilisation in a small fishing boat on choppy seas to get there, the local tavern brews its own ale from whatever they can lay their hands on that happens to be round and brown and has a hoppy colour and is frequented exclusively by fishermen, they only have one road and its straight and cobbled so there are no corners to hang about on, everyone practices some strange pagan religion that involves building tall human shaped structures out of wicker, electricity is something that hasnt been invented in the particular century they live in and going out in unsuitable clothes and stopping out longer than you should means that the locals will dig you out of a snow drift in june when the weather is a little more mild.

    Yes it may toughen them up a bit however they wont want to go back there and a day of meaningful employment in the UK will be a pleasure to do compaired to a day of existance on gulag island.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Offshore Model

    "The Siberian exile apparently costs €150 a day - roughly a third of the cost of a locally-based punishment"

    Impressive. I suppose when demand forces the prices up, they'll be sending the tearaways to the next cheapest place...

    Where is the IT angle on this?

  14. Red Bren


    I thought the little darlings were being set to Manchester, it being Britain's biggest open prison...

    posted from the safety of the right side of the Pennines! :o)

  15. Queen Of Darkness

    Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia

    I Agree we should have the same system in the Uk... it would solve to issue of Chavs on the streets

  16. Mike Moyle

    Good idea... his physique hauling water and teach him how to wield an axe.

  17. LittleTyke

    Gott im Himmel!

    Gott im Himmel! Diese Dschoermanns! Colditz in Siberien ist gut! Ist klasse! In England, ja?

    Nein, danke!

  18. Anonymous Coward

    they started this way back in,,,,

    1939..... the camps at the time were in Poland.

    ironic tho....Poland are now sending the young to the UK and the rest of Europe on mass....

    where do i collect my 1000 year ban?



  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Uh oh.

    Don't mention the war!

  20. Pete
    Thumb Up

    I'd want more than that...

    ... presumably the €150 is for the highly qualified German/Russian Translator/Parole Officer who is supervising. Given that you can survive on less than a pound a day with vast quantities of borscht and (the best) vodka, this kid should be thrilled.

    No webby access? if that's the IT angle, fair enough, but I'd want triple that amount to live without my access to t'internet for even a couple of weeks.

  21. Benjamin Kunz
    Dead Vulture

    Die Hesse komme!

    While "Hesse" is the correct pronounciation for "Hessen" if you grew up in Hessen, it's still spelled Hessen. =p

  22. Dennis Price
    Thumb Up

    @Peter Flynn

    "Where is the IT angle on this?"

    The IT angle is there-is-none.... ever.


  23. Alex

    Definitely inflation

    Watched a documentary on Russian prisons, 2 Roubles a day per prisoner. Gruel & 10 prisoners per regulation size cell.

    Properly managed adversity can have a good effect on kids in trouble, tough love anyone.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    COOOL !!!

    i'll have some of that, cheap vodka, no UK/USA political morons, cute sexy raindeer (get down rudolf) dig my own bog? nah I'd poop behind a tree and chop down the next, I love working up a good sweat bashing my wood.......

  25. Gilbert Wham


    "Thinking about it, UK has plenty of wonderful islands off the coast of Scotland"

    Yes. Yes, it does. Plz to not misguidedly fill them up with pikeys.

  26. night troll

    Scotish Island

    I know just the place, the one that's been uninhabited since between the wars because the gov'ment tested anthrax on it. In fact why not set it up as a prison island and ship ALL the UK prison population over there. A few coastal patrol ships to police it and let them get on with "organising" their own accomadation and entertainment. Just need a helicopter for a food drop once a month and bob's your uncle. ;-)

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Germans again.....

    Yes, send them all to the Gulag or maybe even a German concentration camp! those hypocritical nazi politicians!

  28. chris

    I'll start misbehaving, then

    I love Siberia! Have any of you been out there? The place is amazing... Women outnumber men 8:1 in many places (not all) and 90% of them are better looking than the "best" of what the UK has to offer these days (my god, are we in decline of attractive people - STOP EATING JUNK AND GET SOME EXERCISE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN!!). Vodka cost less than a cup of coffee, the food is lovely, the list goes on...

    So, where do I sign up?

    PS - Hasn't anyone seen Brat Camp? It's the same thing.

  29. Steve VanSlyck


    "Anyone who makes any comment whatsoever even lightly suggesting that the Germans have been sending large numbers of ne'er-do-wells to other people's countries for yonks wil be banned from reading El Reg for, let's say, 1,000 years."

    Wot's a "yonk," then?

  30. Ishkandar

    @Anonymous Coward

    Try pooping behind a tree and you'll get a frostbitten arse !! If the weather can do it to the brass monkeys, it'll certainly do it to yours !!

    @night troll - No need for the expense of patrol ships at all. Just drop some offal around the island a few times a day and the local "denizens" will gladly patrol the seas !!

  31. Boris Suvorov

    !!!150 euro per day - it's too much for Omsk!!!!

    FYI: This isn't first time Germans send their difficult child to villages under Omsk.

    It is important, that those villagers are descendants of WW II war prisoners. That's why many villagers speak "German" language.

    However I surprised to read this: "The Siberian exile apparently costs €150 a day".

    €150 - it is quite more than people get as their monthly salary in those villages. And still they survive and grow children somehow.

    Two-way Ticket to Omsk from Germany costs you no more than €600, Russian visa €200. Renting a "house" €20 per month.

    Omsk - is my hometown, where I was grown from the age of 0 till age of 15.

    Then I moved to Moscow and got BS in CS from best Russian technical university.

    Now, I'm, 21 years old, software developer for best graphics company in the world and I'm working in Santa Clara, CA.

  32. Frank Haney

    You call that a punishment

    "If he doesn't fetch water, he can't wash."

    He's a 16 year old boy.

    Not washing is what they do.

    Penguin 'cos it's cold and there's no polar bear.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Somebody mention tough love

    thats what they do there this isn't what you want. You know considering their problem with rampant crime in that part of world this would seem retarded.No flame no fire at all.

  34. Sir Runcible Spoon


    British slang for 'a long time.'

  35. Tom Oliva

    West Africa

    I have long harbored the fantasy that the UK prison system should be outsourced to West Africa for crimes involving violence.

    Dunno, pick a country Nigeria ? or maybe Sierra Leone? - ooohh... what about Ghana?

    If the Japanese can built golf themed retirement resorts in the Gambia - what's the problem?

  36. Rich

    Trouble is they come back

    Like Aussies. And Americans.

    Actually, the first time the Germans sent their chavs to a foreign country was in about the 5th Century CE. Those too stupid to continue as Germans were sent to Britain, where they settled in places like Essex and Norfolk.

  37. Judge Xakt

    Judge Xakt

    1. Commenter No.1 is right.

    2. The particepant agreed to this, unlike the state goverment


    2. a. R.K. cut funds in police and justice-depts. since 2004

    3. There is no IT-angle, 'cos theres no intelligence involved

    3.a. I'm living in Hesse, I know 2.a.

    4. Yes, I'm fan of the ol' man Dredd

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    It's too good for the scrotes

    I want to go. I could do with the simple life, no matter how hard it may seem. Open space, quiet, basic food, exercise, booze and warm women.

    Sign me up.

    Paris, because she would understand the simple life!

  39. Vulpes Vulpes

    I'd like to

    strongly suggest that the Germans have been sending large numbers of ne'er-do-wells to other people's countries for yonks.

    I'll check back in 3008 to see if this posting was published.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    not mentioning the war

    but he might find himself a "special siberian hamster"

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