back to article Epson Stylus D120 colour inkjet printer

In some cases, replacing inkjet cartridges can work out almost as expensive as buying a new printer. What makes one machine stand out from another, aside from operating costs, is print quality - and as an effective home office offering, the Epson Stylus D120 is worth a look. Despite roughly adhering to the standard appearance …


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  1. Lewis Greaves

    Why not just get a colour laser?

    You can pick up a good colour laser for £112.00 (see HP COLOUR LASERJET 1600) with free delivery - quicker, better and cheaper to run? And yes toner is expensive but you will still get more prints out of the "free toner" then you will out of the inkjet.

    £70 printer (included "free cartridges") and £40 left for ink cartridges. or £112 for the a laser with more prints and faster?

    I hate the idea of throwing away printers when they run out but sadly the companies make it more economical that way.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Another vote for colour lasers

    The problem with inkjets, and Epsons in particular, is that if they are not used regularly they tend to block. You then waste more ink "cleaning" the print heads.

    Colour lasers will print fine even if not used for a year.

    The only reason to get an inkjet used to be for printing photos, but these days it's cheaper and easier to just order prints online or go into Boots. For everything else, colour lasers are fine.

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