back to article Rackable kicks Xeon 7000 chips into fresh, beefy server

Rackable Systems is launching a new four-socket server using Intel's dual- and quad-core Xeon 7200 and 7300 processors. The C4108 comes in at 4U and industry-standard depth. It holds 256GB of memory using 1, 2, or 4GB 667MHz FB-DIMMs. Basic multiplication shows a fully-loaded system contains a total of 16 cores. That's twice …


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  1. James Smith

    Storage is a bit weak

    With 1TB SATA disks on the market, surely the unit can support those?

  2. Gennadiy

    Looks like....

    So much a Fujitsu Rx600S4

    Or is it the other way round????

  3. Edward Dore

    Re: Storage is a bit weak

    Not with 2.5" drive bays it can't

  4. James Bryant

    @James Smith

    it only supports 2.5" drives and TB drives are only available in 3.25"

  5. James Cleveland

    Re: Storage is a bit weak

    I'd imagine that if you were buying one of these, you'd have a separate storage solution,

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ James Smith

    The C4108 uses 2.5" drives, thus the lower capacity.

    All their other 4 way servers support 2 TB + (SATA)

    But also interestingly, all their other 4 way servers are running Opterons.

    Maybe the higher heat from the Xeons makes for bigger cooling gear thus less space for drives ? Available power could be an issue too.

  7. Iain B. Findleton

    Not that weak

    I do believe that its 1 TB/drive times 8 drives.

  8. Mark C

    Re: Storage

    Surely with a box like this you'd only use local storage for OS and bung in some HBAs and grab all of the rest of your storage off of a NetApp\EMC\Whatever SAN

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Its just an Intel S7000FCUR server

    This is just an Intel S7000FCUR server platform and there are dozens, if not hundreds of companies world wide selling the exact same animal. All Rackable appears to have done is give it a part number. That must have them weeks of development, coming up with a combination of five letters and numbers.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I'd rather have a Dell DCS solution

    That way I can have the server designed the way I want it, not the way they think I want it.

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