back to article Carl Zeiss tries its hand at iPod-friendly video goggles

If you’re literally looking for new ways to watch videos, then cast your eyes over the Cinemizer specs - goggles that display pictures right before your very eyes. Zeiss-Brille Carl Zeiss' Cinemizer: video on the go Although they aren’t the only video glasses around - manufacturer Myvu has a snazzy pair out too - the …


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  1. The_Police!
    Paris Hilton


    Are you going to be using the photograph of the lady everytime you have an article about the iPod?

    Paris Icon because Paris would look better.

  2. Joni Kahara
    Jobs Halo

    LED displays

    I believe that the unit has LED backlights, and that the pixels are traditional.


  3. Ian

    Not what I want

    I'm probably going to get some stick on this but:

    1. Why is the viewable area always described in different ways (a 2000mile screen as seen from Jupiter or a milk carton viewd through your neighbours front door etc)

    2. Where's my full field of vision job with motion sensor so I can play fully imersive Doom (yes I know, but I don't have much time to play games)? There ought to be a setting whee you can expand the field or something.

    I've been waiting for my VR goggles (NOT looking at a screen with a black surround, goddammit!). Where are they? I want them now!

  4. Ryan Stewart

    I am crushed....

    I thought my ipod make me look enough a tool. I need to get these so I look even more a tool.

This topic is closed for new posts.