back to article RIAA told to pay legal fees for harrassed defendant

Tanya Andersen, a single mother and unlikely file-sharers' champion for hoisting the RIAA with its own petard, has scored another victory. A US District Court judge in Oregon affirmed an earlier decision to award Andersen attorneys' fees for the two-and-a-half year legal pursuit by the Recording Industry Ass. of America, that …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Class action

    Would be hillarious if this was to be approved for class action. All those thousands of people the RIAA bullied asking for payback. The cost to the RIAA would be enourmous.

  2. Pierre

    This one makes my day

    The only good news in this crappy day. But it's a Damn Good One.

    Now could you please announce that MS has been dismantled for violating the antitrust laws, and that they will have to pay a multi-million $ fine for making crap software?

    Please announce that on... let me check my blackberry... next Tuesday would be great.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Now maybe she can file criminal charges of pre-texting, fraud, and extortion against the individuals involved in impersonating her mother, mis-representing damages, and using pressure to force her into a settlement, respectively.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    What, no comment from Geoff Taylor?

    With his pending election, I would have thought that this would have been a wonderful opportunity for BPI chief Geoff Taylor to make a comment to Her Majesty's loyal netizens. Perhaps something about progressive agendas and his love for villainy? No?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Great news

    Good luck to her and may many spiteful things happen to them in the meantime!

  6. Smudger
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    It was only a matter of time ...

    ... before the RIAA picked on someone who would take a stand against their draconian policies.

    I'm not fond of the litigatious culture in the US (due to the damage it's doing in the UK as we blindly follow this lead), but this is one time i can agree with whats happening.

    Good Luck to Ms Andersen !

  7. Pierre

    And don't forget Herr Jobs

    To complete the fullfilling of my wildest dreams -and my previous comment-, could you also publish soon something about Mister Appleware being caught pants down in some adult man-on-man action in public loos, in the US airport of your choice? Please do that on next Friday, or on Thursday the week after, because I expect a lot of luser-related annoyance on these days. I could use the cheer-up effect.

    Alternatively, just tell us the amount of cash that will come out of the RIAA greedy hands to the profit of their victim(s). The same dates would be über-cool.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @Great News

    I agree. Good luck to her.

  9. Ole Juul

    Good... but

    If I heard that some guy had been trying to contact my 10yr old daughter at school, I'd be asking for a restraining order as well.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Missing the point?

    Good on the woman but as usual the lawyers win.

    No doubt reducing the already minimum payments to the artists.

  11. Luke Wells
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    What the hell

    Why on earth were the RIAA ringing up a 10 year old girl pretending to be her grandmother? I think that alone should land the person responsible in prison. In the UK I am pretty sure it would.

    Wierd, sick, twisted bastards.

    Well done for the woman for seeing this case through to the end

  12. Andrew Moore

    @ Ole Juul

    If I heard that some guy had been trying to contact my 10yr old daughter at school he'd need a restraining order against me and my cricket bat.

  13. Spleen


    Well, I suppose there may be some disabled 44-year-old single mother fans of gangsta rap and kids' animé out there (though my loser knowledge shames me, "Goten" is a character in that Dragonball show and "kito" is probably meant to be the Japanese for "forever"). But if I was the RIAA and came across one, I might double-check *just* to make sure so that I didn't end up with a large lawyers' bill.

    Then again, I doubt the amount, whatever it is, will so much as dent their budget.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well done Tanya!

    SUE the b**tards some more!

    Bloody cheek...

  15. Steven Foster
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    Always good to hear that these underhanded thugs are getting a taste of their own medicine. There's a difference between protecting music copyright and persecuting citizens. Maybe a few more of these will remind them.

  16. Will

    I think it's great, but...

    No matter if she wins or not, regardless of whether she successfully gets class action status (leading to a huge and long, drawn-out case and series of appeals on behalf of the RIAA), it'll be the lawyers who win again. :(

  17. Olly

    @ Pierre

    multi-million $ fine and MS?

    Surely we could aim higher than the loose change Mr Gates loses down the back of his sofa?

  18. Hollerith

    what is this with lawyers?

    Lawyers never start actions. People hire them for advice. Ms Andersen also had lawyers, and she clearly benefited from their help. Nobody says 'well, of course the only ones who win are the techies, who kept the RIAA computers running' or 'of course, the only ones who win are the reporters, who get big by-lines covering such storiesand jack up their salaries'.

    Good lawyers cost a lot. So do all specialists. Some are more rapacious than others (as in every industry), but the majority give good value for money. I use them all the time when I get crap customer service. None of this writing letters for a year and making dozens of phone calls: the offending company gets three letters from me, one crisp letter from the solicitor, and suddenly all issues of delivery/quality etc. are solved as if by magic. Worth every penny to my lawyer.

  19. Anonymous John

    "hoisting the RIAA by its own petard"

    Tut tut. That should be "hoisting the RIAA WITH its own petard".

    I'll get my bomber jacket.

  20. Cameron Colley

    Shame it's just civil charges at the moment.

    As hass been pointed out, the lawyers still get paid, and the amount paid by the RI Ass will be small compared to the money they have already -- hell Jamie's probably paying for it with her "garnish".

    What needs to happen here is for the correct criminal charges to be brought against these people, I think RICO has been mentioned in the past, so that some of these pointless cocksuckers go to prison -- until then it will still be more appealing to the RIAA to sue than record labels to sell decent music, in decent formats, at fair prices.

  21. Anonymous Coward
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    if they tried that here ....

    ... they'd be in serious danger of a knock from plod.

    "Excuse me, Mr/Missis RIAA employee. Is it true that you assumed another identity to contact a child ? Are you aware of the UKs grooming laws ?"

  22. Anonymous Coward
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    Change the law about who pays fees

    Isn't it time that the law was changed so that LAWYERS who threaten an obviously improper prosecution such as this one had to pay compensation, with no ability permitted to pass any of their costs on to their customer?

    If we did that, then lawyers would no longer have a licence to print money REGARDLESS of whether they win or lose and they would be slightly more careful about starting threats where they had not already seen and verified the evidence.

    Result -- less substantially less unsubstantiable threats -- a good thing all round.

  23. Ted Treen

    O happy day!

    Mizz Andersen for Prez, sez I...

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Fantastic News

    This has made my weekend

  25. theotherone
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    ludacris is nothing...

    my grandma listens to Tupac.....GUILTY

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Drum D

    Finally someone has taken on the RIAA and I would love to see a class action being filed.

    DIdn't I read that the RIAA is being disbanded and morphed in with another company? Maybe the RIAA sees the Class Action's coming their way?

  27. Law
    Paris Hilton

    omg - hoes in my room?!

    "Titles such as the 2003 Ludacris tune, "Hoes in My Room," in which the artist inquires who invited several undesirable women into his penthouse, and describes them in humorous detail."

    I have never felt so white and nerdy in all my life... speaking of which, can you give me a description of Wierd Al's White n Nerdy track too...

  28. Levente Szileszky

    RE: What, no comment from Geoff Taylor?

    Well, look at this picture:

    What do you expect from such worm-like entities like *this*?

    Parasites only care about their own gain, nothing else, remember...

  29. Anonymous Coward

    smoke n mirrors

    The RIAA, record labels, radio, mp3 sites, etc. could take bold step and encrypt every track on every new CD or download with a code that would give an accurate accounting for every radio play, download, etc. However, then the whole system would be much more accountable and they would have to pay all the little people! ASCAP and BMI could downsize - the whole shell game of accounting would be much more transparent.

  30. Cameron Colley

    RE: Change the law about who pays fees

    RE: Blaim The Lawyers!! arguments.

    I dislike lawyers as much as the next man -- but it must be remembered that lawyers are, in effect, attack dogs. To my mind, it is still the owner of the attack dog's fault for letting the dog attack anything it wants to. If it wasn't for morons like those in the RIAA there wouldn't _be_ lawyers out there.

    Lawyers may be odious parasites -- but they're not the instigators of this whole thing, and are no more to blame for it than a rotweiler that's encouraged to eat a baby. Getting rid of lawyers is still going to leave us with greedy, lazy, criminal scum like the RIAA -- they would just go back to other criminal activity to make money.

  31. Alex

    RE: RE: Change the law about who pays fees

    I'm playing devil's advocate somewhat since I don't despise lawyers but if we extend your analogy: even if a rottweiller were encouraged to eat a baby, it would still be put down (and the owner arrested).

  32. Eric Dennis



    It's high time the RIAA get their arse handed to them in court. This story made my day and made me proud to be an independent musician.

  33. Chris



  34. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Nice , a pity the cheap lawyers at RIAA cut corners to undervalue her original win by 50% by being mean cheap and niggardly and undervaluing her lawyers pay rate from specialist to far less then the court approve para-legal fees , for they be cheap fools who failed to distinguish the finer points of law and the differences in both Federal and State Civil Case law thus becoming permanent adherents of the "Peter Principle" for life !

    That being so in an absolute moment of stupidity , I recall the Judge presiding over that case was extremely caustic after giving his final ruling on the fees when they still tried to avoid paying them and then some what less intelligent manner of absolute incompetence they then very deliberately delayed payment beyond the agreed settlement term and sent her the monies directly rather then her lawyer who was entitled to monies in order to cause her problems with the local State and Federal Taxes as well ! Malicious idiots they be as well as thick and stupid !

    As for the life of me when they were losing , had no legs to stand on so as to speak thus as to why their agents chose to impersonate and falsely represent themselves as other people when seeking to attempt to illegally serve a minor is well beyond the scope of gross incompetence when similar tactics had failed miserably in California showed themselves as totally clueless planks of wood first class !

    This time around due to civil suit litigation liability limits laws across Amerika in both Federal level (Drug & Insurance Companies lobbied for that one) and in many States as well , I presume that is the chief reason for seeking class action status to multiply at least one hundred thousand fold or more any penalty that would be awarded thus far !

    Her opponents have for the second time around no real legal legs to stand upon so as to speak , but one wonders why the Oregon State Attorney General has failed to file real criminal charges of fraud and numerous other broken laws as well against the idiotic miscreants involved RICO inclusive for the second offence given the numerous State and Federal laws they have clearly broken at the time of the offence ! Or are they waiting for the civil case to deliver a case that only a fool or a total idiot could lose in the much flawed Yankee Criminal Injustice System !

    Oh well were warned about these incompetent idiots back in the late sixties , so what price Idiocracy indeed ?

  35. Tom Silver badge

    @Missing the point?

    More likely a parasitic business dies and the artists can sell direct to the customer.

    The artist gains, the customer gains. Problem with that?

  36. Mark

    Re: what is this with lawyers?

    Well without lawyers to tell you how to make up a case that, though ridiculous, will get past a judge, what would you do?

    So, yes, they are to blame.

    They are supposed to be members of the court system and NOT trying to subvert the law and court systems.

    I was asked by a law student why lawyers were so hated. I couldn't think of anything better than "because you're all lying sacks of shit" so said nothing but later that day I thought, too late, of this explanation:

    Lawyers make the powerful more powerful.

    Think about it: the best lawyers cost the most. So who can afford them? Rich people. The states attorney (or appointed counsel in the UK) will be someone junior and in any case only gets given you in a criminal case. Copyright is currently persued as criminal but prosecuted as civil. Best of both: police help and "balance of probabilities". But in any case, the more expensive lawyer is available to the rich. But in a capitalist system, rich==powerful. So they have less need of a good lawyer, unless they are attacking/being attacked by another rich person.

    To get around this: solicitors can only be reimbursed to the lower of the two parties. Double if they've won.

  37. Gianni Straniero


    Do you see how repetitive you've become?

  38. Anonymous Coward

    What gave them away...

    >> Notably, she claimed RIAA agents tried to contact her then 10-year-old daughter

    >> at school by impersonating the girl's grandmother on the phone.

    What big money grubbing lawyers you have granny.

  39. User

    No more Granny.

    Thats it. Im never taking phonecalls from my granny again.

  40. heystoopid


    @gianni tell that to the New York Times when the book in question made the best seller list for well in excess of forty weeks when first released and the millions plus that have since read the same tome !

    As they say one should tell it like it is or else the idiots just keep on multiplying add infinitum !

  41. P. Pod

    "Hoes in My Room,"

    For all us white, middle aged, Englishmen who don't know what "Hoes in My Room," is all about, Alan Titchmarsh will soon be releasing his new single called "Hoes in my shed". Time for a nice cup of tea I think...

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