back to article Everex follows Asus Eee to announce 9in sub-notebook

Not content with mounting a serious challenge to Asus' elfin Eee PC, US manufacturer Everex this week said it will follow up its 7in CloudBook sub-notebook with larger models later in the year. To be fair, these are all enhancements Asus has already pledged to make to the Eee PC line-up. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    No bikini babe using one at the beach? I shan't buy one.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Eee PC CPU is NOT underclocked

    In all your eee-PC articles, you keep saying that eee uses a 900 MHz Celeron M underclocked to 630 MHz. It does not - like every other mobile CPU, it is dynamically clocked, between 112 and 900 MHz depending on the current load. Just double-checked it on my 4G ...

  3. DrXym Silver badge

    The more the merrier

    The more of these cheap laptops running Linux the better. There is no reason that a small laptop need be expensive, and no reason that they need run Windows (or OS X) either. These teeny tiny devices are absolutely perfect for casual use, allowing the user to access mail, browse the web, use Skype or whatever without having dragging some hulking laptop with cables, chargers and every thing else. I was able to use easily use my Eee PC on a Ryanair seat cliptray which is a feat I dare anyone to try with a larger laptop.

  4. dodgyedgy


    You operated a laptop on ryanair?

    makes a mockery of their no wireless devices thing then doesnt it..

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