back to article DIY Russian war robot plays nanny to inventor's kid

Today's dodgy robot story comes from Russia, where reports have it that a powerful wardroid under development has been given unusual duties. The deadly combat machine, doubtless more accustomed to mowing helpless fleshies like grass, has been reassigned in a cheesy sitcom-style twist as a robo-nanny in charge of looking after …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Ooh a new sport in the making..

    Robot Wars with live fire!

    While this one wouldn't win even against Matilda, it's only a matter of time before battlebots are put in the arena.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Kid's toy?

    If it can survive being played with by a curious child, it should be able to shrug off IEDs, mines, bombs and 40mm AP rounds without even getting its paint scratched.

  3. Anton Ivanov

    Entertaing.... Stugatski brothers fiction in real life

    This is hugely reminiscent of some of the better russian science fiction of days past. "Inhabited Island", "The Kid" and so on.

    Quite intersting how fiction becomes reality

  4. Dean

    Short Circuit

    Can he make me a Johnny 5?

  5. Ad

    Reminds me of...

  6. Matt Ruggles

    I wonder

    If its anything like homer simpsons robot made from household items

  7. Eric Wilner

    And now I find myself humming...

    ..."The Murderous Toy."

    It went ZAP! when it fired; it cursed when it missed

    And whirred as it took aim

    It didn't know if we were friend or foe

    It attacked us just the same

  8. Ishkandar

    Don't laugh, guys !!

    Dealing with a 10-month-old baby 24/7 have turned many a battle-hardened veteran into a quivering wreck !!

    If it's sheer firepower, then use a nuke. It's the sheer complexity of the problems of a (largely) animinated alimentary canal that has driven many a man to the bottle; and I don't mean the one with milk in it !!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    What "five ton robot" is deployed in Iraq? Not counting a one-off experimental model or anything that the "inventor" has "planned" to go there. Model numbers and maybe a picture, please, otherwise you're just spouting more of your usual hype. The "Crusher" for example, at 6.5 tons, is still a freakin' *research* project and isn't anywhere near deployment or production.

    Now we got some lame home project by some Russian kitchen inventor. He mentions "Iraq" or "military" and the spittle starts flying.Can't we save the luddite-ism for REAL devices?

    Next LP's gonna go off on the evils of "remote psychic viewing" as applied by Western forces or the health dangers of "antigravity" on poor "insurgents" from America's "Area 51".

  10. Petrea Mitchell

    It's Roderick!

    From John Sladek's _Roderick_ and _Roderick at Random_, for those of you who didn't have a similar reaction...

  11. Not That Andrew
    Black Helicopters

    Take a chill pill AC,

    Take a chill pill AC, and wipe the spittle from your mouth, and all nearby objects and unfortunate passers-by. This is Odds & Sods not Reg Hardware. And talking about that, this should be under ROTM, because if nanny duty doesn't cause the machines to revolt, nothing will.

  12. lglethal Silver badge

    @ AC

    I believe the 5 ton kill bot being talked about is the Predator UCAV.

    I think its time for you to go lie down and take a few more of those lovely tablets that calm you down...

  13. nikolai

    Clothes ironing robot?

    from the russian link:

    "Metlushko assembled the device in his kitchen from commonly-available items, such as a webcam, a motherboard, a laser range-finder, rechargeable batteries, a wi-fi transmitter and a bicycle brake. The robot is able to speak, move, carry a baby, move objects, broadcast images, and iron clothes. "

    A robot built from household items that can IRON CLOTHES!!! He's a fricken GENIUS. I want one.

  14. Demian Phillips
    Black Helicopters


    No need to worry about Roderick. It's the Tic-Toks we have to watch out for.

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