back to article Bill Gates lives inside of Facebook CEO

I'm so very disappointed in all of you. The classic line paraded in the mainstream press is that Microsoft has missed out on the Web 2.0 Experience. Google, MySpace, CredNodge and all the rest have beat the great giant - the last bastion of pure, honest capitalism. Even worse, you're sure that Bill Gates has given up on …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Out of line

    Maybe just maybe, you are a little out of line here "swollen-gutted children" so who cares? So he wants to do other things than spend 24 hours a day sat at a desk.

    Complete and utter moron Mr Otto Z. Stern - just gives Tech Journo a bad name.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    You can't handle the truth. Oh yes WwwICANN, of that you can be Virtually Assured

    "So, please, just tell us the truth."

    Now that would be a novelty, Otto. They* can't handle the truth because it will always bite them in the ass for all of their troubles in concealing it. However, that is their manufactured problem and not a problem for the REST of us, although they would like to think that it is whenever it isn't.

    They* ? Leaderships by Deception and Sinister Proxy Controls with no DexterITy.

    And there's QuITE a backwards, back catalogue of those Bad Dad/Sad Mothers to choose from...... but then BDSM is not a confection for the Light of Day, is it?

  3. Daniel

    grow a sense of humour people

    it's a funny article. I quite like : "It is, however, sad to see some supposed, young brainiac claim that he can't remember whether or not he owns a suit. This has to be the work of a tremendous stoner or, as we all know, a new Gates formed in a petri dish."

  4. Duncan Hothersall

    @AC 09:11

    Christ almighty, you're flaming Stern? Are you insane? Have a pop at Haines, sure - he's always outrageous. Lettice is full of political nonsense, flame away. Orlowksi is pure flamebait, go for it. And Ashleeee deserves everything s/he gets. But Otto? Are you mad? He is the only decent, hard-working, God-fearing, eyes-open journalist here! He speaks the truth, man. Jeez.

  5. Cosmo

    What happened to Otto?


    Otto really has it in for Facebook. What happened - did Zuckerburg steal his girlfriend or something? Alright I know that's unlikey. Was it a doughnut? A can of mountain dew? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. A. Lewis

    Finally: proof!

    Otto Z Stern = Amanfrommars.

    Where's the amanfrommars icon gone by the way?

    Oh and other commentators: Leave Orlowski alone - he's brilliant, some day I too hope to become that cynical and world weary.

  7. Don Mitchell


    Please don't waste our time like this on The Register. There's enough schizophrenia in the comments to satisfy anyone in need of a daily word salad.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    pour some paranoia on the salad

    and get the CIA involved

  9. Not That Andrew

    Get a Clue, People!

    Do we really need to resurrect the RCF for the <sarcasm> and <irony> tags? Some of you lot are as sad as that Wackypædia admin.















    OTTO Z. STERN IS NOT A REAL PERSON! (and no, neither is the BOFH)

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    @ "Not That Andrew"

    Otto is so real. I emailed him once and got a reply.

    I write to Santa every year and he replies too.

    I've also just come up with a cunning scheme to pay off my debts by pulling my teeth out with a pair of pliers one-by-one and leaving them under my pillow each night.

    There, no tags. Not so hard, was it? Now go back and reread some of the more *subtle* comments above.


  11. Not That Andrew

    @ TeeCee

    I was in a bad mood and that idiotic Anon Coward in the first comment set me off. I rerad tit after posting, and realized there were only 2 idiotic comments (now 3 with mine). I'm better now, I promise!

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