back to article BT Vision inks Disney-ABC deal

BT Vision has signed a content deal with Disney-ABC Intl. Television which will see subscribers able to enjoy over 650 episodes of hits such as Lost and Desperate Housewives. According to Variety, the roster of shows also includes Ugly Betty, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer, all of which can be had on a pay-per-view …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    BT Vision for free

    does the 100,000 customers include staff who get it free?

  2. Ralph Beales

    Almost certainly...

    .. but they don't get it for free. They have to pay for it, reduced install charge but same monthly fees.

    I've got it, it's great the kids rarely watch Sky now (we only keep that 'cos the other half wants Sky Movies) and I suspect Sky will go, once BT Vision sort out multi-room/red-eye capability.

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