back to article Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo spiel spied on web?

Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote has been leaked. Well, sort of, and assuming it's not Fake Steve Jobs' Fake Macworld Expo Fake Keynote, of course. Here's the transcript - you decide... There's certainly no reference to the anticipated MacBook Air - though skinny, metal consumer MacBooks are listed. The already announced Mac …


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  1. Gareth Irwin
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    Ifs its real

    Its disappointing, I want applications for my AppleTV god dammit.

  2. Ed
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    There were fake lists like this last year too, I think the Mac Pro reference makes me think that it's fake.

  3. Neil Woolford

    Mr Jobs does not do "Rough Drafts"

    The steely one starts with a presentation of such high polish that mere mortals could not approach it and then works upwards.

    Thus this is a forgery.

  4. Richard Large


    I was hopeing something more like:

    "Greetings lady and gentlemen. Welcome to MacWorld 2008! Now, we've realised that we sppare to have made a community that is one of the most annoying on earth. Therefore, could you please reach under your seats, pull out your brand new iKnife, and commit ritual Hari Kari."

    Well, I can hope. (Can you tell I've had a bad- no, wose than usual day with the mac fans at work?)

  5. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    Just More Pre-Macworld PR Pimping

    It's the ONLY thing that Apple Does well (their hardware / softrware is for $hit) and that's pimping the Media with crap to hype their Vaporous meeting of Kool Aid Drinkers at the Fruits - Nuts -n-Flakes Bowl that is MWSF.

    The ANSWER IS .... who F__king Cares?

  6. Pooper Scooper

    Of course it's fake

    All you have to do is look at this section:


    - Sales beyond our wildest dreams

    - Much more than the 1% market share we asked for in January

    Total horseshit. Everyone knows that it's been selling like crap, there's no way they're at 10 million devices. Unless they're counting devices "sold" to Carphone Warehouse and the like, who are totally unable to move them to end-users.

  7. Ben Schofield
    Jobs Horns

    Why would Jobs...

    ...put that information on any web server, local or internet facing? Surely he'd have it on his computer and his little speech helpers would have it on theirs too; but there is no need for it to be anywhere else yet. If this is the real thing, then he wanted it to be 'leaked' - perhaps he thought it would be a publicity spinner for the expo. Who knows.

    Personally, I think it's made up by that site to attract attention, which it seems to have done quite well.


  8. Christopher Cowan
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    Real Mac Pro specs

    Apple released the Mac Pro refresh last week so the real specs for the base model are:

    Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Harpertown” processors

    2GB memory (800MHz DDR2 fully-buffered DIMM ECC)

    ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics with 256MB memory

    320GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7200-rpm hard drive1

    16x double-layer SuperDrive

    $2,799 is the price.

    The only thing right in the 'keynote' is the Superdrive speed.

  9. Mikael Eiman
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    Not likely, is it?

    I'd assume that a fifth version of the draft wouldn't have rather obvious problems like pushing the same point twice, like this one does with the app pricing för the Phone and Touch...

  10. Marcus Bointon
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    Mac Pro specs are wrong

    The Mac Pro specs are those for the previous update. Neither 7300GT nor Quadro 4500 are available as an option. I'm surprised about the Mac Mini stuff, but the 320Gb drive option can't be real. Very suspicious, but interesting otherwise. I doubt that a consumer keynote would spend so much time on the iPhone SDK.

  11. Jasmine Strong

    It's not real

    They only just refreshed Mac Pro last week; why would they do it again this week?

  12. martin burns


    Youtube on iTunes? Very Lame.

    BBC iPlayer content on AppleTV, on the other hand...

  13. Kevin Smith
    Jobs Halo

    A good effort but definitely fake.

    For starters the Mac Pro has already been put out there, the MacBook is very unlikely to get a refresh before the MacBook Pro, the magsafe adaptors are even more unlikely to have aluminium ends as this is likely to be a safety issue.

    Good spoof but not good enough.

  14. Scott

    I'm betting it's fake

    If this were real, it would probably have the sales figures, etc. in it rather than just say "Sales Figures". Besides, the real thing's probably kept locked up almost as secure as the gold in Ft. Knox.

  15. tranquil
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    Depends what you were looking for

    I'd actually be pretty happy with that list; mostly because my only Apple product is an iPod Touch, which appears to be a major fucus, and I adore Ability to submit plays, and receive radio streams would finally start to make use of the device's capacity.

    Getting The Orb on the device would be a pretty awesome too, and I imagine someone will design an app (although I understand this is possible already with a hacked software).

  16. William Thackrey
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    Sorry - not buying it

    This has all the earmarks of a hoax... and a rather poorly researched one at that. Most telling is that all existing models of MacBook and MacBook Pro are shipping "within 24 hours" from Apple and BTO configurations are shipping in the normal 1-3 days. If Apple replaces products in their product line, you almost always see them lean out the channel in advance.

    A change to the MagSafe power adapter is highly unlikely unless there's a major design change or a safety issue. Changing the cable end to aluminum just doesn't make sense.

    As others have pointed out, the Mac Pro was just refreshed and the "specs" here are incorrect. This is obvious rubbish.

  17. Martin


    of course the real keynote locked up securely, it's saved on a mac with the firewall disabled.

    oh, hang on...

  18. Brad
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    Dual core as base for Mac Pro? They don't sell dual cores anymore!

  19. Anonymous Coward

    I know for a fact this is fake

    The real keynote outline is at

    Really like we're supposed to believe this one there isn't even one mention of wireless pudding.

  20. heystoopid

    Very Funny

    Fake steve strikes yet again !

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Very poor

    And one more thing ... PH joining Apple board.

    No, really, the biggest fake alert was trying too hard to get it 'taken down' ... it's way too well written to stay on wikipedia servers for long.

  22. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Frankly obvious

    A blog claiming WackyPedia as source ? It has got to be true !

    Yeah, right. And I'm King Tut.

  23. Klaus Cartesius


    Nowadays; "...and boom!" would be part of the script outline itself :-)

  24. Spleen

    Who the hell is taking this seriously?

    The content is irrelevant. Here is the post to Wikipedia - It's an anonymous post to a talk page with no attempt to claim authenticity. It's total rubbish, obviously completely made up. If it hadn't attracted a bunch of comments it would probably have been immediately removed, instead it took a couple of days (though it's still in the history - if it had been real, it would probably have been deleted).

    Void Inside's reprinting it is a great example of the journalistic standards of the blogosphere. Shame that El Reg seems to think it has to follow suit.

    Look out for next week's story: "Apparently, someone's friend Johnny is dumb and smells of pee. Source: who cleverly spotted an edit to Talk:Sonic The Hedgehog on Wikipedia."

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Macs for all

    It's fake as there's no mention of the 'Macs for all' scheme where if you go to an 11 hour seminar on why you should pay through your nose for Apple merchendise you get a free Mac.

  26. Paul M.
    Thumb Down

    Very poor

    See how tired the writer of this hoax had gotten only 1/4 of the way in:

    " Sales are getting better and better every day "

    Scott I noticed that too. Is that a Steve Jobs keynote line? No, it sounds more like somebody on a 12-step recovery program.

    "- Hardware sales figures/market share

    - Leopard released October; doing spectacularly

    - Sales figures/market share"

    Needless repetition. Then the hoaxter gives up completely -

    "Patents abound"


    If internet hoaxes are this lame, I should start spreading stock rumours...

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