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Foedus? Yeah, we wondered the same thing. You might not have heard of this small virtualization shop, but VMware thought enough of the outfit to buy it. VMware polished off the acquisition earlier this month, grabbing Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Foedus and 30 employees for an undisclosed sum. Maybe you're very …


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  1. Michael Hoffmann
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    And maybe VMWare can tell the world what they do better

    I spent an hour at the Foedus booth during VMWorld (and by some weird freakiness I'm wearing a Foedus T-shirt that I snagged there while I type this) and still couldn't figure out what they did, apart from scantily clad women (and some less interesting dudes in Hawaiian shirts) handing out Margaritas.

    Why was I there an hour if I didn't know what they actually do/sell? Read the bloody first paragraph again!


  2. Levi Masterson

    I only got the consulting part

    I attended the Symposia 2007 (Dallas) event and aside from Foedus having some Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, I didn't get what they did other than VMware consulting and what sounded like outsourced virtualization management.

    Ah...and they provided free beer. That was the other highlight of their 'mini-afterparty'.

  3. Timothy Creswick
    Paris Hilton

    Tiki Hut

    Large photo of the VMWorld Tiki Hut here:

    More photos here:

  4. Michael Hoffmann
    IT Angle

    @Tiki Hut

    Hmm, those ladies are a heck of a lot more "covered" than I remember... these must be the sanctioned shots?

  5. Robert E A Harvey


    ""GridTrak also streamlines the sequencing documentation process, enabling retention of application configuration state, licensing info, and change history to a standard that withstands regulatory scrutiny," the company said."

    Good-ho. I'm pleased about that. What did he just say?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    If I remember rightly.....

    Maybe not the same spelling, but near enough ("sounds like");

    in Portugese, Foedus means F*&k It !!


  7. Danny Knox
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    Foedus - duh

    VMWare is buying (Foedus) for its smart virtual technology people, consultants and some cool VM tools/processes and a SoftGrid tool. Killing a few birds with one purchase - carrion excluded. Will GridTrak see the light of day?

    VMWare is on a VM-tear - they have all the VM bases covered - OS/Desktop/App/Server.

    I guess if you're not a virt. insider booth babes grab more attention. They grab more of something.

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge

    More Candy from/for the Venus Honey Traps. Men Only Territory in the Thrall of Her Magic Spells.

    It all sounds like a company you would like to sign on the dotted line for. Although anyone offering Portugese Foedus and hot chicks and free beer as Par for the Course spotlights of mini-afterparties would have a Beta product to Market Virtualisation and Corner the Market.

    And that would permit them AI Global Control which you would have to be Real Good at IT to Better. Given the QuITe Sublime Par, that would be something well worth having too. :-)

    And in any SurReal, Viral HyperRadioProActive Environment that would Launder Servers with a Lien in Business, Computer and Communicatons IntelAIgents, that would also be a Logical Progression/MetaDataMorphosis of KISS NIRobotIQs through Control NEURobotIQs to Power NIRobotICQs ....... for AI Virtualisation Spread.

    And a QuITe Perfectly Addictive New World Order Programming in AI which Sweeps away all before IT. AI Wwwild Child, all Grown Up and Evolving, in a Resolution to be Second to None as a Server to All.

  9. Scott F. Gunelius
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    Foedus - Qualifying Virtualization

    I ran into Foedus a few years ago when the pharma sector was determining how best to implement VMware in a high-regulated (21CFR, Part 11) environment. Up to that point many of the IT folks in that sector had been virtualizing the low-hanging fruit and leaving the regulated/qualified systems alone. A guy from Foedus gave a pretty good presentation on this subject...

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